Friday, August 14, 2020

See Why Leading Op-ED Contributor Tolson Banner Points Out America’s Knee Bone is Connected to Her Racist Bone!

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Tolson Banner's Op-Ed Prophecy "Unlike Ezekiel 37:1-14 America's Knee Bone Is Connected To Her Racist Bone"

Opt-Ed By Tolson Banner

“Knee bone connected from the shin bone/shin bone connected from the ankle bone/ankle bone connected from the heel bone/ heel bone connected from the foot bone/foot bone connected from the toe bone…dem bones/dem bones gonna walk around.” This spiritual song calls forth the soul-life force prophesied by Ezekiel when he visited “The Valley of the Dry Bones.” John Lewis, our ancestor, just like Ezekiel, witnessed the body of an anatomical spirit walking around New Jerusalem: heaven on earth. “Dem dry bones of black people.”

As the young leadership of Black Lives Matter, The Color of Change, Protecting Ourselves/Protecting Others,  (black-owned digital radio station) and many others continue to hit the streets fighting for JUSTICE based upon TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION we are beginning to see glimpses of a possible heaven on earth.  But America’s anatomical racist body is bent on injustice - contorting herself with twists of hatred, fear and greed. It’s not surprising when you realize the construction of her skeletal system. Ibram X. Kendi in his book, “How To Be An Antiracist” illustrates and decodes America’s racist DNA.

According to Kendi, Carl Linneaus, the Swedish taxonomist who classified human beings - sets his racist ideology in motion in 1735 and it lives on to this very day. Linnaeus broke down the human race into four color-coded categories:  White, Yellow, Red and Black.

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Article On America's Knee Bone Connected To Her Racist Bone Continues Below...
Pic: Engraving of "The Vision of The Valley of The Dry Bones" by Gustave Doré Source

To whites he attributed traits such as vigorous and muscular; flowing blond hair; blue eyes, very smart; inventive and ruled by law.  To yellow human beings he assigned characteristics such as melancholy, stern, black hair, dark eyes, strict, haughty, greedy and ruled by opinion.  

To red human beings he assigns features such as ill-tempered, impassive; harsh face; beardless, content, free stubborn and ruled by custom.  I guess Linneaus refers to the red man as stubborn because he fought for his land after showing a willingness to share.

Yet the white man is ruled by law? Puh-Leeeze!  To the black race which he surmised was at the bottom of the human race he describes their humanity as sluggish, lazy, black kinky hair, silky skin, flat nose, thick lips, crafty, slow, careless; covered by grease and ruled by caprice. I wouldn’t think you could get 400 years of free labor out of such lazy and sluggish people?

It appears Linnaeus racial hierarchy is solely based upon white people’s need and obsession to control and rule other people for their own self-aggrandizement.  Following are some of the ways America has applied her “racist knee” and the black collective response...

Mass Burial of the dead after the massacre of Wounded Knee. Photo Courtesy of: By Northwestern Photo Co. For More Info Click Here

WOUNDED KNEE.  According to the book, “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee,” by Dee Brown, the last battle between U.S. military troops and Lakota Sioux Indians resulted in a massacre of over 300 Sioux men, women and children.  This last major battle took place in South Dakota, December 29,1890.

This was the white man’s last exercise at the extermination of the native Indian and the Indians last major defense of their homeland. Fast forward to today, and we are only starting to talk about dismantling the racist names assigned by Linnaeus to a proud people.  Look at how long the Washington, DC professional football team held on to their racist mascot and name.  Yet Linnaeus refers to the red man as stubborn.  Cognitive dissonance at its best!  According to Linnaeus white people are very smart: SMH!  

8:46 PRESSURE KNEE.  You’ve seen it by now.  The Minneapolis racist policeman contorting his racist body for maximum biomechanical pressure on the neck of an unarmed black man: George Floyd.  America was in shock!  It was now front and center and she no longer could tell us “he must have done something wrong.”

America was now faced with her infamous rhetorical question, “are you gonna believe us or your lying eyes?”  Black Lives Matter and many others believed their lying eyes. This is a very good illustration of how the white man invents the law in his favor.   We gotta drill down to the history of the police in this country when they were used as slave patrols in order to offer real solutions for public safety reformation. With his flowing blond hair and blue eyes, the white policeman choked the life out of George Floyd utilizing the white rule of law.

Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during US National Anthem

KAEPERNICK KNEE.  He took a knee to bring attention to the killing of unarmed black people.  For that he was vilified and banned from the NFL. Taking a knee is the most sacred genuflection of the human body.  We kneel when we pray; we get on a knee when proposing to the woman of our hearts’ desire; we kneel when we are knighted.

But the racist American body twisted this sacred human position and flipped it into a disrespect of the American flag when in fact Colin Kaepernick’s protest was rooted in his First Amendment right and police injustice.  There goes that ruled by law again. I would like to see Kaepernick return to the NFL not as a player but leading a group of black investors to purchase the NFL Washington football team.  Black ownership in the NFL is the first step to begin to lead the way toward reconciliation and atonement - until then I will no longer watch! Besides who would want to watch a bunch of black men covered in grease and ruled by caprice, as defined by Linnaeus and America?

Grandmaster Jay leader of the NFAC speaks about justice for Breonna Taylor

Video Of NFAC Protesting At Stone Mountain, Georgia 

BLACK KNEE JERK. There comes a time within the human organism when the flight or fight takes over.  I believed we witnessed this July 4th, 2020 when over 1,000 legally armed black men and women known as “Not Fucking Around Coalition” (NFAC) marched on the Klu Klux Klax capitol, Stone Mountain, Georgia.  They had seen enough of America’s racist knee on the collective neck of black unarmed people.  This is what could be characterized as a “knee-jerk” response. Huh man! No pun intended. NFAC has connected us to our “fighting bone” to bring about the NEW JERUSALEM ON EARTH.  Nuff said.  No mo’ talk.

About Tolson Banner - is a writer and columnist. Banner is also the President/CEO of Muzik Xpose: The Digital Radio Entertainment Theater Network. The network streams field hollas, spirituals, gospels, blues, jazz, ragtime, R&B, SOUL, POP, FUNK, NEO-SOUL and AFRO BEATS. Muzik Xpose obliterates genres and showcases all of our music as one life force for spiritual incantations: THE MUSIC OF OUR SOULS! Listen daily on SATIRE. LIVE MUSIC. REAL TALK.

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