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If you are interested in: writing, press releases, community news, events, and views.

Mr. Austin also provides the following services Internet Marketing, Public Speaking, Guest Appearances.

About Kamau

Kamau Austin, is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Southeast Queens Scoop and Scoop Publications. He has extensive experience in both the traditional and digital publishing fields.

Contact him if you are interested in writing articles, sharing news or views, putting on community events, or distributing press releases. Austin and the staff/supporters of the Southeast Queens Scoop are dedicated to covering the area in a fair and uplifting way. At the scoop we love to share positive news about Southeast Queens. 

Kamau Austin is also a dadpreneur, author of two books, publisher, and principal of AdPro Media Sales (AMS). AMS is an online sales, marketing, and advertising company. Mr. Austin has been featured in Fortune SB magazine, CNN, WebPro News, Satellite Radio, Black Enterprise, and hundreds of Newspapers and magazines in the US. You can reach him at

Mr. Austin has over 12,500+ Followers on Facebook and other social media channels.  If you're interested in search engine or social media marketing Contact Mr. Austin for a Quote.

He now specializes in search engine and social media promotion working for both small companies and multimillion dollar firms. Kamau also has over 25 years experience in the technology and marketing fields working for Fortune 1000 companies. Mr. Austin is also a cancer survivor and grew his company to over 9 virtual staff members before his health challenges.

Kamau's skill sets are:
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search marketing
  • Article and content development
  • Video and Digital production
  • SEO Copy Editing
  • Online R&D
  • Website Design and Consulting
  • online reputation management
  • traffic analysis
  • social marketing
  • HTML Editing
  • Web Scripting and
  • eBook Design
  • Digital Product Creation

His two books are: "Always On Top -- How to Get the Highest Search Engine Ranking for Your Website Every Time!" and "Raise Cash Cash - How to Raise Money for Your Business! These ebooks are being updated and reprinted.


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