Saturday, December 30, 2023

Get The Scoop On How The Fearless Fund Faces Legal Challenges For Helping Raise Money To Help Black Businesses

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Why Blacks Should Be Fearless
Funding The Fearless Fund
Do you know it may soon become illegal for Blacks to support other Blacks in business funding and social programs? Have you heard how the Fearless Fund, an organization founded to RAISE funding for Black women in business, has a court order on it stopping it from giving grants to Black women?

The same group that stopped Affirmative Action in higher education - taking a Harvard law suit all the way to the Supreme Court, called ironically the American Alliance for Equal Right, is also a bringing a lawsuit to stop the Fearless Fund. This is their disingenuous legal actions despite the fact Black women only get less than 2% of venture capital or angel investing.

Black women although more educated and starting businesses faster, than any other demographic, only make like 57 cents to every dollar that a White male is paid. Recently another organization also ironically, took legal action against the organization Hello Alice, for helping to fund Black women owned businesses.

By the way 92% of Black businesses (Black men & women) have no employees and only one (1) Black business has been listed on the NYSE in over 200 years. Only 13 Black businesses have ever been listed on all the stock exchanges of over 6,000 companies! Economic marginalization and injustice is a real thang Y'all!