Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Checkout Why Southeast Queens Is The Historic Hometown Of The Most Powerful Politicians In NYC Today!

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Southeast Queens Makes History Having Been The Home Of Some Of The Most Powerful Politicians In NYC History!
Mayor Eric Adams (Top Right) NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams (Top Right)
Borough President of Queens Donovan Richards (Bottom Left) Congressman Gregory Meeks (Middle Bottom) and NY State Senator James Sanders (Bottom Right)

By Kamau Austin, Publisher AMS Digital Scoop Publications

Southeast Queens is known for its iconic jazz, hip-hop, business, civil rights, and other legendary greats.  Legends like James Brown, John Coltrane, Jackie Robinson, 50 cents, LL Cool J, Daymond John, and many more luminaries once called Southeast Queens home.

However, Southeast Queens, is now also making historic strides as one of the areas for political trailblazers.  Former Southeast Queens resident Eric Adams, once ironically brutalized by police in Queens, has risen to become only the second Black mayor in New York City history.

Mayor Adams also has made a dual mark in history by appointing the first black female and also woman Police Commissioner in New York City history Keechant Sewell.  Commissioner Sewell, has an extensive history as a law enforcement leader in Nassau County, and also FBI experience.  The Commissioner also has roots in Queens.

The 1st Black Woman New York City Police Commissioner Keechant-Sewell (Pic Source)

New York City Council Person Adrienne Adams (no relation to Mayor Eric Adams) became the first black woman to be Speaker of the New York City Council.  Adams is also the City Council Person for district 28 which includes Rochdale Village, Jamaica, Richmond Hill, and South Ozone Park.  She was the first woman and Black woman to represent Council 28.

So essentially what we have is two of the most powerful politicians in New York City, and also the leading law enforcement Commissioner, now having roots in Southeast Queens, New York.  But it doesn't stop there...

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Discover How This Black Descendant Of The English Royalty Is Challenging A Racist Symbol Of British Slavery

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Black Descendant Of English Royalty Looks To Cancel The Symbolic Racist Crest Of
British Slaver John Hawkins

By Kamau Austin and Venita Benitez

Venita Benitez is on a mission.  Her mission is one driven by faith and purpose believing in her people's ability to make a change in the world.

She is a Black woman with obvious Latina roots, but what is less discernable is her family ties to European royalty.  Nevertheless, Benitez is determined turn the tide on racism now within the auspices of English royalty.

Venita has made it her mission to ask the British monarchy to vacate an unsavory vestige of horrific slavery in its ugly past the crest of maritime slaver "Sir" John Hawkins.  Ms. Benitez has written the late Queen Elizabeth II, in the past.

In light of present controversial news stories in relation to modern racism, in the monarchy, she is relaunching her efforts to remove the distasteful racist crest.

Here is her open letter that she wrote to the Queen:

May it please Your Majesty,

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, how do You do?

My name is Venita Benitez, living in Dallas, Texas USA. Servant to the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Christ. I descend from the Plantagenets, Henry II, John and Henry III. I wish to inform you of an important occurrence I believe deserves your attention. An amazing opportunity to bring healing and reconciliation to all nations around the globe will take place during the month of August, in the year of our Lord 2019, for the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans on English American soil, Fort Comfort, present day Hampton, Virginia and I believe Your Majesty will bestow recognition upon the people.

Forgiveness, healing and reconciliation have been a focus of many nations in response to hatred and discrimination. There has been a growing global focus on community healing and forgiveness. My purpose on this earth is fueled by passion for this very moment for the global healing of all people on our planet.

Queen Elizabeth I, knighted Sir John Hawkins (Hawkyns pioneer of the British slave trade), a coat of arms and a bound slave as a crest for a massive profit made in the slave trade. His coat of arms, sable on a point wavy, a lion passant, in chief three bezants, and for his crest, a demi-Moor in his proper color (naked), bound, and captive with annulets in his arms and ears.

John Hawkins as in previous voyages, went to Sierra Leone, took part in native wars, assaulted and set fire to native towns of over eight thousand inhabitants. Which we are still living the aftermath from these voyages. His coat of arms and crest may represent the heraldic achievements and massive material wealth for England, however it symbolizes forms of discrimination and hatred not only going on in America but across the global.

Your Majesty, I mean no disrespect to the constitutional monarch and I apologize in advance if I have offended the constitutional monarch. I only want to see healing and reconciliation to all nations and I believe this kind of power and authority rest in your hands to have John Hawkins crest honoring him for the slave trade taken down and/or removed and publicly dishonored to help restore love in our world and conqueror the evil of hatred that is causing so much grief, suffering and disharmony in America, as well as, around the globe. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Venita Benitez

The Crest Of Slaver John Hawkins

Venita's revived attempts to get rid of the crest of British maritime slave exporter John Hawkins, is forged against the backdrop of the the Royal Family being charged with racist attitudes by others close to them.  For instance England's fundraiser Ngozi Fulani is charging racism against one of the late Queen Elizabeth's staffers Lady Susan Hussey, who subsequently resigned with a spokesperson for Prince William saying "racism has no place in our society."  

Also in recent years Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, pointed out bias by the Royal Family in an interview towards her and her son.  The press even reported her treatment was so humiliating she had thoughts of suicide.

Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, has reported racial issues with the Royal Family
Photo Credits: 
By Londisland, Click For Info

Given this charged racial backdrop I felt moved to touch base with
Venita Benitez
for this exclusive interview about challenging the Royal Family to get rid of the racist crest of John Hawkins AKA John Hawkyns below...