Friday, July 29, 2022

Learn About The History Of The 2.5 Billion Dollar Black Hair Industry

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The Family Journal, USA and Overseas African American Cosmetology of Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauticians and Hairstylists Hall of Fame First-Ballot Inductees 2022

Since 1863 and Anthony Overton (1865-1946), Black entrepreneur hygienic success, the African American black hair industry has blossomed into a 2.5 billion dollars-plus business of loyal customers, accessories, various hair care services, products, and many more hall of famers. By HBCU ECSU Author Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Rodrick Samuels, Red Road, South Carolina and Wife Lauren Moser’s success is historically connected to cosmetology legends dating back to his early upbringing in his hometown of Summerville, South Carolina.

Detroit, Michigan via Summerville, South Carolina

Rodrick Samuels (2022) is a leading industry educator, barber and activist. Read his story to learn more about how he overcame hurdles to build his career. His wife, Lauren Moser’s enthusiasm and incomparable abilities are responsible for her successful rise as one of the most well recognized curly hair care specialists and freelance educators.” --- A writer’s comment

Rodrick Samuels, Director of Education at Hair Lab Detroit Barber School, Detroit, MI

Meet leading educator, Rodrick Samuels (   

Article On The Family Journal Black Hair Hall Of Fame Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On The Family Journal Black Hair Hall Of Fame Continues Below...

Bliss Hair Studio & Hair Restoration Center, Summerville, SC: Generations of Barbering, Hairstyling and Dressing, Professionalism

African American Barbers, Beauticians, Hairdressers and Hairstylists since 1863

The 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries’ Pioneers and Legends, January 1, 1801- December 31,1900, January 1, 1901 - December 31, 2000: January 1, 2001- December 31, 2100

Daniel Hale Williams II, a1800s barber and parent of Daniel Hale Williams III, January 18, 1856 – August 4, 1931(Daniel Hale Williams II and Sarah Price Williams)  

Daniel Hale Williams III, son of Daniel Hale Williams II, a barber, was the first American general surgeon in 1893 to successfully perform open-heart surgery.

Madam C. J. Walker (1867-1919), the first Black woman millionaire in America, was very successful in the hair care business. Her special homemade treatment of hair care products was helpful for so many Black women. Watch "Meet the First Self-Made Female Millionaire" on YouTube
Also, "Martha Makuena is credited for starting the first black hair care salon in Beijing, China, an East Asian country that she and Paul Luyeye migrated to from the Congo in 1999. Makuena has no regrets about moving to the country and has found ways to combat some of the challenges that presented themselves to her along the way." --- Queennepy Tumblr/Com

Alonzo Franklin Herndon was an African American entrepreneur and businessman in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta’s First Black Millionaire Started Out as a Barber (

The 20th and 21st Centuries Modern day Legends, January 1, 1901 - December 31, 2000: January 1, 2001- December 31, 2100

Atlanta, Georgia Master Barbers

Bobby Stokes, founder of Platinum Cut Hair Studio, Decatur, Georgia, is a master barber with 38 years of experience. His barbering skills are amazing!  He puts his heart into every haircut.

Larry Tukes, an outstanding barbershop owner and professional barber, Larry successfully trained younger barbers in metro Atlanta, GA. He also did barbering and hairstyling at the Lou Walker Senior Center, 2538 Panola Road, Lithonia, GA 30058.
Lucile Clements, In-House Hairdresser, 1950s, Griffin Street, Atlanta, GA. Mrs. Lucile Clements, the devoted wife of a U. S. postal worker and preacher, Reverend Emmanuel Clements and loving mother of 8 children, "fixed" girls' and women's hair in her kitchen and hairstyling room. The clients and her daughters were very pleased. Mrs. Clements graduated from the Cannoline Beauty School, Atlanta, GA.  As an accomplished hairdresser and beautician, she was highly skilled in using the old-fashioned hot comb hair straighteners, hair curling irons, hairpins and scissors.

Profile Hair Salon and Barber Shop, 24 Cleveland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

An’cell Davis, manager

The legendary Hammerin’ Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves got his hair cut at this South Fulton, GA ageless barbershop. “It’s a historic place. A lot of people come here to get their hair cut.” -- Samuel Farley.  ‘As Godzilla entered the beauty salon:’ The tree crushes the beloved barbershop by Paula R. Weller, Beauty Salon, June 9, 2022.

Willie Harris and Joann Harris, co-founders 1993: Family members: Tosha Naseem, Bridget Riley and Bobby Smith

Dre' Hamilton, Barbers League, started cutting hair at 9 years of age in his mother’s basement (29 years). Today, Dra' is an accomplished barber at AAH KUTZ, 4645 Flat Shoals Parkway #300, Decatur, Georgia 30034. Aah Kutz Barbers League LLC - Google Search

Summerville, South Carolina's Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauticians and Hairstylists Business History by Tillman Millhouse Jr. 

In the1940’s, Pink Ford had the largest Black Barbershop. Some older barbers cut hair under trees, in their homes, and backyards. The legendary Henry Boone Barbershop (1950s, 1960s, 1970s), was also popular, especially among White customers. John Henry Brown Barbershop, with Samuel Greene and Jerome Sanders, was absolutely the place to go for a haircut! Orrie Gibbs Barbershop was equally as outstanding! Other first-rate Master Barbers and Barbershops were Jerome W. Sanders, Isaac “Bubba” Nolan. Note, these barbers were the Masters of Mechanical hand clippers, razors and shavers, who also cut hair under trees. 

Mr. George McMichael cut hair in his grocery store. Bubba Nolan cut hair in his yard on Simmons Avenue (1950s -70s). Neighborhood and in-house haircuts were also given by the following barbers: Nate Geddis on Highway 17 South near Flood Heirs. Nate Edwards, Pink Ford Barbershop on Central Avenue and at home. Ervin Smith cut hair at his home on the “Red Road,” Orangeburg Road, Summerville, SC, and in Orangeburg, SC.  Ervin Smith is also the Red Road, Bacons Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolina Fishing Champion (The Family Journal, USA & Overseas Hall of Famer).
Overtime, Jermaine Scott (J & J Barbershop), Landy Fredericks and others, made their historical legacy in hair care as follows: Harold Brown cut hair at Bryant's Barbershop.  He also taught barbering at MacDougall Correctional Institution in South Carolina. John Henry Brown, Samuel Greene and Jerome Sanders cutting hair will always be remembered by everyone.
Matt’s Barbershop

Matthew Sinclair White Sr. was born March 2, 1948. His parents were Eddie White Sr. and Josephine Hopkins White. He was 7 years old and shined shoes at Simmons Barbershop, where he developed a love for haircutting. It was the owner of this barbershop, Romey Simmons, who paved the way for Matt to start barbering school at South Carolina Area Trade School, now known as Denmark Tech in 1966. In 1967 Matt was drafted in the U.S. Army, where he was in Vietnam for 2 years. In 1969 Matt started working at Brown's Barber Shop until 1987.  In 1987 he opened his own Barber Shop and has been working at Matt's Barber Shop to the present day.  Matt's Barber Shop has sponsored many Youth Leagues and has coached baseball, football, and basketball.  He has also sponsored many scholarships and acted as a mentor for children.  Today he is very active in the community, looking out for the homeless, sick and shut in, offering remote services at hospitals and homes of the disabled.  Matt is married to Joan White, and is father to four children, Matthew White Jr., Michelle White, Jason Owens, and Justin White.  He has seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Summerville, SC Hairdressers, Beauticians and Hairstylists

Left Photo Ethel White   Right Photo Eleanor Gaymon Greene

On the left, Ethel White smiles years of success and beauticians’ expertise. And on the right, Eleanor Gaymon Greene graduated from Alston High School, Summerville, SC in 1960. After graduation, Eleanor studied and graduated from Waverly School of Beauty Culture, Columbia, South Carolina in 1961. Eleanor became a licensed S.C. Cosmetologist in 1962, after passing the S.C. State Board Examination. Eleanor Gaymon is the first black beauty salon owner and operated Eleanor’s Beauty Box (58 years) located in Holly Hill, S.C. from 1962-2020. She is an active member of Bethel African Methodist Church in Holly Hill, SC. She served as Director of the Young People’s Division. Currently Missionary Society President, Stewardess, Class Leader, Senior Choir, Usher and delivered Meals on Wheels. “Thank God for all the years.”

Altowease Simmons graduated from Alston High School in 1957and attended Voorhees School, Junior College and South Carolina Area Trade School in Demark, SC to study Cosmetology in 1959.  She opened Germantown Beauty Salon on Germantown Road in Summerville, SC, and worked there for 60 years before retiring in 2019. A hall of fame salute to Jeanette C. Hill, Ethel White, Eleanor Greene, Niva Green, Judge Tera Richardson’s mother, Rose Marie Green King (A Total Look Beauty Salon), Eleanor Gaymon Green and Jeanette Frederick: Owner/Stylist/Instructor Certified Trichologist Hair loss solutions, Bliss Hair Studio & Hair Restoration Center: 843-532-6976 or 843-771-9085.

BLISS HAIR STUDIO & HAIR RESTORATION CENTER - Hair Salons - 209 E 4th N St, Summerville, SC - Phone Number - Yelp

Also contact Daystar Allbright LLC for more information: (843) 695-7350. PO Box 50226 Summerville, SC 29485
Chicago, Illinois’ Master Barbers, Tonsorial Parlor and Customers 1950s

Tonsorial Artist Robert Fletcher, left front, first barber's chair (a professional barber who shaves, cuts, trims or styles hair as a job, occupation or profession). Tonsorial barbers, highly respected, are much focused listeners who often give advice and community support. The Tonsorial African American artists, traditional barbers, were cutting hair in Chicago, Illinois many years ago. Truly experts and professionals, they took pride in their various styles and haircutting tonsorial services, Latin verb tond─ôre, 1813, meaning "to shear, clip, or crop." --- Merriam-Webster

Robert Fletcher, 94 years of age: a resident of Chicago, once said, “Don’t eat what you watch but watch what you eat.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Founders And Master Barbers

“Etheridge Brothers Barber & Style is a family-owned chain of barber shops and beauty salons founded in 1970 by Willie Etheridge Sr. and his brother Joe.” --- Etheridge Brothers, Salon Discover. The Family Journal, USA and Overseas African American Cosmetology of Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauticians and Hairstylists Hall of Fame First-Ballot Inductees 2022 in by acclamation. By Tyrone Garrett, U. S. Military and Lenox Mall Square Security, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Salon Lofts, Decatur Marketplace, Georgia (Featured Services: Shampoo & Style, Women's Cut & Style, Weaving, “Excel” Extension Services). Email: Call: 470.800.2626. Book Online, Read More at:

Please practice social distancing in hallways, waiting areas and restrooms. 
Your Beauty Professional may have additional health and safety guidelines, please contact your  beauty provider for further details.
Special Thanks. Publicists: Kamau Austin and Nzinga Lonstein Austin, co-authors of  Southeast Queens Scoop Blog - Streetwise Digital News and Black News Scoop on Global Black News; Dante Lee, Dante Lee International and Clive Richards, Allenco Publishing, Inc.
Dr. Charles L. Singleton, Editor/Publisher, The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Alston High  School Garnet & Blue 1964 Journal, ECSC. ECSU Senior Class 1968 Journal, The Atlanta  Metro Alumni Journal (AMAJ), and The Johnson Family Journal Newsletter. Mr. Isreal T.  Singleton, Editor -in- Review.
Those who are willing and able can make a GoFundMe financial donation in honor of a loved one to help with the continuance of their publications. Continue your reading of Dr. Singleton’s  informative publications by clicking here 
Copyright © 2005 -2022 The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Sarah McLean, Karen Merrilles  & Charles L. Singleton| All Rights Reserved. Mr. Isreal T. Singleton, Editor-in- Review

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