Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Checkout Well Regarded Educational Consultant Dr. Charles Singleton's 3rd Warning About The Pending US Economic Collapse

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Dr. Charles Singleton Clarifies For The 3rd Time, Why The Crash Of The US Economy Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Nationwide — Yes, my friends, as previously published, Saturday, November 17, 2018, Wednesday, November 21, 2018, and Thursday, January 10, 2019, “The Crash of the US Economy is Coming Sooner Than You Think."  I recently wrote, looking back over the last 11 years, our USA economy is still recovering from its Great Recession of 2007- 2009.

Thus, as written, “Consciously speaking, the tremendous cost of unsuspected environmental disasters, such as earthquakes, storms, fires, and mankind’s global warming trends will devastate the USA financial resources; especially, substantial annual revenue.” Fast forward and now, exactly 15 months following Thursday, January 10, 2019, the current environmental novel coronavirus 2019 disaster is staggeringly crippling the United States economy.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Words Trending OF An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically-Fashioned With Transmittable Omnipresence: breaking news, “shelter in place,” people are getting sicker in all age groups; young people get off the beaches, younger generation cases of the coronavirus noted; daily coronavirus briefings, ASAP Covid-19 Test Needed; where are the 4 million coronavirus tests; out of an abundance of caution, novel coronavirus 2019 outbreak resembles the 1918 H1N1 flu pandemic, "wet markets" novel covid-19 virus, worldwide life-altering situation; epidemiologists are studying the coronavirus, a desperate situation, in need of a vaccine: work in progress; widespread business slowdowns, unemployment, and school closures; quarantined, stay at home order, travel ban; infectious mode, a most problematic time of "severe viral uncertainty," a highly contagious disease; precautionarily consider the COVID-19 ALERT, precautionary measures.

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Video & Article On Dr. Singleton's Warning About The Crash Of The US Economy Continues Below...

Stay informed, social isolation, social distances, practice social distancing; flying blind, “the new normal,” a highly contagious disease, physical separation of people from each other; coronavirus threats, preliminary precautions, potential human chaos; medical supply shortages, more triages, ventilators, facemasks, gowns, major health problems; extreme circumstances, ASAP Covid-19 Test Needed; the coronavirus overwhelms the health care system, Intensive care of patients, virus intensifying, confirmed cases, an epidemic; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends effective handwashing and using a hand sanitizer; “cleanliness is next to godliness,” Global Travel Advisory: Level 4 “do not travel abroad,” U. S. death toll rises, U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Tops, increased mortality rate; Jobs: layoffs, massive and major cities shutdowns, mandated closures, order closure of all non-life sustaining businesses, overwhelmingly, employment applications rising, Cashflow Problems, Economic Catastrophe Looms, The Biggest Crises We Have Ever Faced, U. S. Stock Market is Plunging During This “Global Pandemic," WOW! Meanwhile, Public Information or Non-Public Information, SUPICIOUS STOCK TRADING, “STRONG EVIDENCE” OF U. S. SENATORIAL “BALDING TIRES,” ABSOLUTELY FAILING “WE THE PEOPLE,” SHAME ON YOU!  “The Crash of the US Economy is Coming Sooner Than You Think!”                                             

An Update For Earlier Readers and Survivors

Leading Scholar Still Says “The Crash of the US Economy is Coming Sooner Than You Think"

Furthermore, Singleton Wrote: In addition, concurrently, according to USA Today Story News, and Politics, the skyrocketing exorbitant national debt ($21 trillion) is steadily growing an inflatable federal debt deficit ($779 billion) into $1 trillion for 2019.  And, keep in mind, all US citizens and able-bodied taxpayers, this “Huge Debt” must be paid.  Thus, this heightened USA economic dilemma is further worsened by Washington, DC’s executive branch of the US federal government’s fragile pretense and its leaderless situation.

Meaning, the United States bicameral government is further crippled by increasing numbers of so-called “balding tires,” political leaders who have since worn out their treads of serving “We the People.” Click Here 

Purple Heart Awardee And HBCU Wellness Educator Dr. Charles Singleton Gives The Scoop On The Coronavirus COVID-19.  “Each One Teach One.” As always, Dr. Singleton Thanks You, “The Frontline Health Care Doctors, Nurses And Staff Employees, First Responders, Public Safety Employees, Our Foot Soldiers: Namely, Infectious Disease Researchers, Truckers, Cashiers, Good Samaritans, Sanitation Workers, Individual Volunteers, And, The “Ever-present Community Organizers,” Who Are Serving And Staying On The Battlefield Against The Invisible Coronavirus COVID-19.” Click Here 

Dr. Charles L. Singleton is also the Editor and Publisher of the Alston High School Garnet & Blue (AHSG&B) 1964 Journal: Elizabeth City State University (ECSU. ECSC) Senior Class 1968 Journal; the Atlanta Metro Alumni Journal (AMAJ), and Volume 1, Issue 1, The Family Journal, USA and Overseas Newsletter, December 7, 2019, Cornelius and Alexis Johnson, Decatur, Georgia.  His brother, Mr. Isreal T. Singleton is the Editor-in-Review.

Dr. Singleton, An Army Vietnam Combat Soldier And Bestselling Author Writes About Saving Our Children, "I’m Ready To Talk" Click Here To Learn More: Click Here  

Those who are willing and able can make a GoFundMe financial donation in honor of a loved one to help with the continuance of their publications. Continue your reading of Dr. Singleton’s informative publications by clicking here

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See The Video Of The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Economy USA & Abroad

How Could Coronavirus Impact The U.S. Economy?

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