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Did The Justice System Fail Fred Harris, A 19-Year Old Black Youngster With Special Needs Brutally Murdered In A Texas Jail Cell? 

Written By nZinga And Kamau Austin, Co-publishers Scoop Publications

Fred Harris was a 19 year old boy with special needs.  It has been reported by friends and family that he was a friendly and liked young man despite his mental challenges. It was claimed in some media sources that Harris was in a group home.

For some reason supporters claim Fred had a knife in his hand and seemed to feel threatened by someone.  It may be that he was afraid of something and maybe somebody bullied him in our experience.  Many times people with special needs are made fun of and often bullied.

This happened in ironically Harris County, Texas near Houston.  The police were called on Fred Harris, and they arrested him and took him to "a holding cell on the third floor of the 1200 Baker Street jail around 11:16 p.m" according to Click 2 Houston local news.  Different media sources give various details on where actually Harris was arrested.  But it is claimed by he was brought into jail October 11th.  See The Family And Legal Press Conference for Fred Harris Click Here

Colin Luther Powell (1937-2021) In Memoriam, Never Forgotten

Four-Star General Colin Powell Photo Credit. Courtesy Wikipedia

Colin Powell, The Steps of a Good Man by
Vietnam Veteran, Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Colin Luther Powell was born in New York City's Harlem and raised in the South Bronx by his parents Maud Ariel 'née McKoy' and Luther Theophilus Powell (Jamaican immigrants) of both African and Scottish parentage. Scholastically and collegiately Powell attended and graduated from Morris High School (1954) and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the City College of New York.

He subsequently attained a Master's in Business Administration (MBA degree), from George Washington University in 1971.  Powell also was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Public Service in 1990. (Sources Wikipedia and Media Sources)

Accolades, Accolades, to a loving and caring family man, and four-star general.  General Powell's extraordinary earthly legacy and accomplishments, just to mention a few: an accomplished "C" student; a distinguished and decorated United States of America military serviceman (Army) of 35 years. Learn More Click Here



Willie Jones, a motorist who was kicked in the head after surrendering to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy is pursing a complaint against Deputy Sheriff Corie Smith and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for police misconduct, civil rights violations, and injuries sustained as a result of the assault, says his attorney, Zulu Ali of the Law Offices of Zulu Ali & Associates, LLP in Riverside, California.

On June 16, 2021 in Victorville, California, Willie Jones, a Black motorist was surrendering after an allegedly driving at high speed and later complying with orders of San Bernardino County Deputies by laying prone on his stomach when Deputy Corie Smith kicks Mr. Jones in his head twice while another deputy placed his knee on Mr. Jones’s neck.  The incident was captured on a surveillance camera at a dealership in Victorville, California.  For more info click here


James A. Samuel, Jr., is a Black veteran who has launched a new app called ANJEL Tech that turns any smartphone into the world’s most powerful bodycam during confrontations with the police. James said that he became tired of raising kids in a world that forces them to understand they’re unsafe in their skin before they even learn their ABCs.

In past weeks in April, the world has been watching Derek Chauvin on trial for murder charges for the killing of George Floyd; seeing news about 2nd Lt. Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino, getting pulled over by two police officers in Windsor, Virginia; and the killing of Daunte Wright at the hands of police. And these only are a few of too many stories of Black people being racially profiled and fearing for safety when being pulled over by police.

ANJEL Tech is an innovative solution to increase safety and peace of mind in the Black community. The app is secure, mobile, and cloud-based. James says that he created it because he’s passionate about preventing your loved ones from becoming another painful statistic. "Body cams can’t just be for police," he says. "So I created ANJEL Tech to enable a person’s phone to act as a body cam and a lifeline to loved ones to increase safety and accountability." For More Info Click Here


Haiti, I Think of You: Hispaniola, Hayti, French, Haitian Creole, Slavery, Devastating Hurricanes and Death-Driven Earthquakes, Haitian Pride!

Photo credits: Disaster in Haiti, Water is Life/ Wikipedia and Bing Com Images 2021

Haiti's Mottos: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." "Union makes strength."


By Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Historically speaking, every time I think of Haiti's indigenous Taino (Caribbean) people of South America, the name Christopher Columbus (December 5, 1492) comes to mind. Upon arriving in this most populous country in the Caribbean, Columbus thought that he was in India or China.  Today's estimates of Haiti’s population are 11.4 million people, according to various encyclopedia sources.

Overtime, Spain (early 17th century) made Haiti an integral part of the Spanish Empire (La Española). In 1697, the French portion of West Haiti (Saint-Domingue), France 'profitably colonized' sugarcane plantations by using thousands of slaves who were captured in Africa.

Thus, creating one of the riches colonies in the whole-wide world.  However, during the French Revolution (1789-1799), the first Black general of the French Army, Toussaint Louverture
 led free Haitians and slaves successfully (1789-1804), while defeating Napoleon Bonaparte's army. For more Info Click Here

Mortgage Pro Timothy Griggs Is Banking On His Innovative App To Help Reverse The Foreboding Forecast Of Zero Wealth In the Black Community.

Written By Kamau Austin

Black Median Wealth By 2053 Is predicted to be zero.  A Black Enterprise, article stated "You can have a glamorous six-figure salary, advanced degrees, and an executive title at a large corporation and still be impacted by the negative net worth virus that is prevalent in black communities. According to The Road to Zero Wealth report published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies, the median wealth of black Americans will fall to zero by 2053 if current trends continue."

However, a sharp decline towards a median Black net worth of zero won't happen on mortgage pro and tech innovator Timothy Griggs' watch.  If Griggs has his way, despite gloom and doom predictions of disappearing Black wealth, his new technically advanced The Good Steward Financial System (TGS), app will help reverse the course of poverty in Black communities. For More Info Click Here

Best Selling Author Lorisa Bates Pens Her 2nd Edition Of Her Sistah Secret Agent Heroine Series "Benita Renee Jenkins!" 
Author and Media Maven Lorisa Bates | Article by Kamau Austin

Lorisa Bates, is once again making her indelible mark on dynamic literature with a Black cultural edge.  She has created an exciting series centered around a compelling Black woman heroine: Benita Renee Jenkins.

Bates, is publishing her 2nd edition of her riveting novel in her series entitled "Benita Renee Jenkins - Diva Secret Agent."  Her highly anticipated 2nd novel published in her popular Sistah shero series is "Benita Renee Jenkins 2: Boxing Rings and Cages," is scheduled to be released October 26th, 2021.  To See The Book Trailer or Get More Info: Click Here.


Author and U.S. Army chaplain James Darren Key highlights 40 lessons and stories about race, love, honor, and faith to inspire people during changing times in his new memoir A Long Way from Crenshaw: Lessons and Stories about Race, Love, Honor, and Faith for These Changing Times (published by WestBow Press).  Now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

With the purpose of being accessible to all, the author writes in a conversational style. Exploring how life can change, and not always positively, he demonstrates how the human spirit can overcome those circumstances.  To Learn More Click Here


Despite The Rich Storytelling Heritage of Rappers Coming From Our African Griot Legacy Too Many Are Dying Young

By Dr. Charles L. Singleton, The Family Journal, USA & Overseas

Griots of West Africa told reportorial stories during multiple centuries dating back to the 13th century, and long before Spain’s slavery colonization of the Caribbean in the 15th century, and the Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian 1550s) sugar plantations (18th, 19th, and 20th centuries). Also, these gifted orators and performers existed before America’s enslavement of African captives on The White Lion English privateer ship, August 20, 1619, Jamestown, Virginia and thereafter: 17th and 18th centuries of American colonization. --- Written Sources
The griots were traveling musicians, singers, poets, and oral family historians. For More Info Click Here

Multi-talented Musical Prodigy Gina Williams Works Creatively To Releash 5 Albums This Year In Different Genres

Gina Williams, is quietly shattering barriers of how things “should be”.  I caught up with the multitalented singer and pianist who diversely sings and performs in 5 different musical forms.  Williams, a product of striving Jamaican roots by way of a challenging Canadian upbringing - has a fascinating story to tell!

The singer, pianist, songwriter, and composer released a choral and orchestral album called “Olympiad” and performed with 4 choirs and 2 orchestras on Ukrainian National Television in 2019.

This year she is releasing 5 albums - Each in a different genre: EDM, Caribbean, Gospel, Classical, and Rock. See Gina's Amazing Music: Click Here

The Games WE Play and Live
Raven Saunders stood out in the shot put and making social stands during pandemic. Photo courtesy NRP

By JV Howard

The Olympic Games, a raging prophetic pandemic, and epic climatic disasters all conspire to make the planet almost hostile and in some cases inhospitable. As the world turns, burns, floods, ravages, and hemorrhage the Olympic games open to empty seats, muted fanfare, and individual drama as a cloud of uncertainty, anger, and misplace priorities underscore Olympic size expectation.

These games have as a purpose to unite the world in friendly, however nationalistic, competition for gold, silver, and bronze distinction but COVID-19 and it’s mutation (Delta Variant) permutated the dynamic of such competition. The original antagonism between worldly Olympian is no longer just to win a gold, silver, or bronze medal but to survive COVID-19 and its anomaly - to be the last man/woman standing - literally.

There is much to be said, vociferously, about living in the moment but nothing exemplifies the moment more than the mental challenge of being the fittest on the planet (olympians) on the one hand and the sickest on the planet (pandemic) on the other. Whole body integrity has at its root the component of mental health.  For More Info: Click Here

Chole And Halle Bailey Grew Up To Be Famous On Social Media And Now Are Being Sometimes Cruelly Scrutinized 
Rising Superstar Entertainers Chloe (left) and Halle (right) Bailey

By nZinga EFA Austin

Chole and Halle Bailey have been Internet and social media sensations for over 10 years.  They've reached fame and acclaim in the diverse digital spotlight of social media and Youtube.

I remember when my dad showed me Chole and Halle when they first started out.  But back in those days they sang more popular Beyoncé songs.  I thought back then maybe one day they can sing their own songs.

The group now has become famous and accomplished song writers -- with well known creative artistry. Recently Chole has made the news because of her controversial dance moves.

Chole has been bullied on the internet and some people say they do not like how she dances.  Much of the issues about her dancing centers around the sexy way she expresses herself in dance.

However, with some negative comments about their hair and double standards in contrast to other young artists, is the group experiencing subtle racism in treatment?  Media stand out Roland Martin seems to think so in his recent remarks.

People who are racist do not even like her hair.  They've made negative comments about their beautiful natural hair. Checkout The Rest Of The Article Click Here

Millionaire Who Developed One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In The US Calls For Reparations To Black Americans

REPARATIONS to Black Americans Now!!!  Sign The Petition

It is clear that descendants of Black Americans that were kidnapped from Africa and forced to work for free for hundreds of years in America deserve to be compensated for their labor, pain and suffering.  The major beneficiary of slavery was the United States Government.

Since slave owners did not have to pay slave labor costs, they made exorbitant profits which equated to increased governmental taxes paid to the government. Those taxes made the United States one of the wealthiest countries in the world and literally built this country. Learn More


Learn How To Get Snatched Click Here


Did Integration Help Or Marginalize The Black Community?
Picture Credits Click Here (Source Wikipedia)

By Kamau Austin

All moves people make in history have both an upside and downside. The fight for integration had an upside in that white people couldn't limit where Blacks could walk, go to the bathroom, rent a hotel, get a better job, go to a better school etc. People couldn't tell you outright that you could only go certain places.

Also for instance before integration we didn't have 7 or 8 Black billionaires and about 140,000 businesses with over a million dollars in annual income. Before integration we didn't have 42% to 46% of Blacks in the middle and upper middle class.

Before integration we didn't have 18% of Blacks with college degrees or almost 1 million Black families with a net worth over a million dollars. Even though we had neighborhoods like Rosewood, Greenwood AKA Black Wall Street, and other upscale cities during Jim Crow we have made a lot of strides in income (income and wealth is 2 different things) after integration.

Before integration we didn't have 2.6 million Black businesses and Black women being the most educated demographic in the whole country. I could go on and on with stats on good things that happened with integration.  However what was the downside to integration?
To View More Click Here


By Tolson Banner

Martin Luther King, Jr. (King of Love) in his prophetic way differentiated between the drum major instinct and the drum major. The King of Love warned us of the drum major instinct in which he acknowledged led to a lot of the race problems in America: A need for some people to feel that their white skin ordained them to be first.

The reverberations of these racial drum beats have sent seismic shifts through the American soil resulting in the King of Love turning over in his grave so much he has rolled right off of the American soil. The composer of the King of Love’s birthday song, Stevie Wonder, announced he too was feeling these same racial seismic shifts and concluded it was time for him to “roll out” and head for Ghana in Africa.

But a march of any sort requires a drum major to beat out the syncopated rhythm so the marchers keep time. During the 1950s, we marched to a steady drumbeat with synchronized actions: On December 5, 1955, blacks stood in solidarity to launch the Montgomery, AL bus boycott. For 381 days, black people carpooled, walked or hitched rides to their destinations. The bus boycott concluded on December 20, 1956. Our economic solidarity broke the back of Jim Crow. This was a major step we took and a strategy implemented with fervor.   For More Info Click Here


Rosa Higgs, a teacher from Berkeley, California, who has proven why phonics instruction matters. Her phonics workbook series, entitled Read in 40 Hours or Less, are designed to help Black students learn to read well and beyond grade level in less than 40 hours of direct instruction.

Across the country, students are experiencing a K-12 crisis in reading skills. In the state of California, millions of dollars are spent every year on education, but students and teachers are overwhelmed by COVID-19 and distance learning and the lack of improved reading skills for many vulnerable Black students proves it.

The coronavirus was a test of America’s ability to provide quality and equitable education to all students. The virus wrecked the school system with unfathomable momentum highlighting known disparities of Black students' access to computers, the internet, trauma, and basic needs such as food and adequate shelter. The Read in 40 Hours or Less workbook series can take schools from inadequate to extraordinary by improving reading skills for our vulnerable Black and Brown students. To Learn How To Help Your Child Excel in Reading Click Here



On September 13, Michael Colyar will mark the one-year anniversary of his popular digital show, The New and Improved Michael Colyar Morning Show, a live daily broadcast exclusively on YouTube.  In celebration of its 266 shows, the celebrated legendary comedian and talk show host is presenting a 2-hour show on September 13 from 7a – 9a (PST) with an array of surprise guests including celebrities, clergies, music artists, poets and more.

The New and Improved Michael Colyar Morning Show launched in September 10, 2020. The uplifting show is filled with fun, love and positivity. Welcoming people from all over the world to share their stories and talents, the ‘feel good’ show has found an immediate audience since streaming live.  For more info Click Here


Simone Randle and Tammie Sykes, the founders of Dion Michaels, have made history as the first women of color to launch a simple results-driven skincare line that is exclusively for men of all ethnicities. They created this line to tackle the top skin challenges that were impacting the men in their lives – from razor burns to dry beards. They quickly realized that these challenges played a significant role in confidence too.

Dion Michaels is a convenient subscription-based skincare line that provides men with two simple products, a grooming cream, and a skin balm. The skin care line not only improves and protects men’s skin but also boosts their confidence.

“We feel that the male population in the skincare industry is an underserved market,” said Randle. “Men want an effective product and they want a simple regimen.”

Dion Michaels’ formula is a custom-blended formula with carefully selected ingredients to support all skin types. Customers can choose between a monthly subscription bundle of the grooming cream and skin balm delivered to their door or to purchase the grooming cream and skin balm bundle as a one-time purchase.  For More Info Click Here


Click Here



The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is launching its "Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally" to address the growing prostate cancer crisis in Black America caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the dramatic increase in new prostate cancer cases.

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths for Black men in the U.S. The disease also has the largest racial disparity for any type of cancer for men or women. The American Cancer Society recently released estimates that new cases of prostate cancer will increase by 30% in 2021.

This is more than ten times the increase for any other major cancer including lung, breast, and colorectal. "We are facing an unprecedented prostate cancer crisis in this country and Black men will be hit the hardest," says Thomas Farrington, PHEN Founder and President. “Our Disparity Rally will raise prostate cancer awareness throughout Black America, and provide educational resources and tools to help alleviate disparities in early detection, treatments, and clinical trials.”  For More Info: Click Here

Highly Regarded OP-ED Contributor Tolson Banner Envisions How Black 20/20 Insight Clarifies Black Eyesight

I’ve been having problems with my Black eyesight all year long.
My “Black Vison” was blurred and I wasn’t sure if I was near sighted or far sighted.

I had a prognosis awhile back and was told I was suffering from “ocular hypertension.”  In layman’s terms this meant my insight was putting pressure on my eyesight.

I finally broke down and made an appointment to visit various disciplines of America’s eye doctors and/or practitioners: ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician.  Damn, in the year 20/20 I was flirting with the possibility that I might be going blind like America. To read more click here


RickRhodes Is The RISING Fashion Phoenix Looking To Light Fire In The Fashion World 

Exclusive Interview With Kamau Austin, Publisher The Black News Scoop

Kamau Austin

: Who is Rick Rhodes? 

I am full of inspiration, ambition, and purpose. I grew up in Fort Myers, Florida, and in various other cities throughout the northeast. As a youth, I was never attracted to colorful or loud clothing. Instead, I loved garments that were sleek and unassuming.

It wasn’t until I was incarcerated at the age of 22 and served over 15 years in prison for attempted murder, dealing in marijuana, and possessing a firearm that I set out to establish what I believed was a true representation of fashion for myself.
Rick Rhodes Logo 
I maximized my time in prison and earned a BS in Organization Management from Grace College along with several associate degrees and certifications. The young man behind those walls fought each day to become the man you see now—a man filled with purpose and unwavering ambition. My goal is to encourage, inspire, and motivate. This is Rick Rhodes, a man who is more than a brand but a lifestyle. See Rick Rhodes' inspiring Interview: Click Here

Roland S. Martin Launches Innovative Online TV Channel Black Star Network

Marking three years as the definitive daily digital source for news and information from an unapologetically Black perspective with his groundbreaking daily digital show #RolandMartinUnfiltered, award-winning journalist Roland S. Martin has announced that he is launching the Black Star Network, an OTT network aimed at African American consumers. BSN will debut with original content on Sept. 3, 2021, the third-year anniversary of #RolandMartinUnfiltered.

A hybrid OTT media network, BSN is subscription free, and ad-supported. The network will stream content focused on political, business and cultural insights and perspectives of Black thought leaders, influencers and opinion makers. The flagship show, #RolandMartinUnfiltered, has a social media following of more than 3.5 million, including nearly 800,000 Youtube subscribers. The daily show has generated nearly 509 million views and more than 1.5 billion minutes watched since its inception.

#RolandMartinUnfiltered's exponential growth is a direct reflection of Martin’s efforts to serve its audience with content and information focused on the unique concerns of Black Americans.

“African Americans are voracious news and information consumers, and they are demanding more content from their perspective that address issues that they care about,” said Martin, a digital pioneer who launched the first Black news source audio and video podcasts more than a decade ago. Get More Info Click Here


Under a recent Supreme Court ruling, the National Collegiate Athletic Association can no longer place restrictions on education-related benefits for student-athletes. NCAA athletes can now profit from their name, image, and likeness with unlimited incentives.

Before the decision, student-athletes were not allowed financial gains from the billions of dollars in revenue that sports brought to American colleges and universities. Student-athletes can now reap financial benefits from their talents early on. But with the new judgment in place, however, many people like Tarik Edmonsonfounder of Nagast Footwear, fear that student-athletes may be taken advantage of by large corporations and he aims to educate them on the possible pitfalls. For More Info Click Here


Acclaimed writer and Broadway playwright Lorraine Hansberry once posed the prolific question: what does it mean, “to be young, gifted, and Black?” Nearly 60 years later, the sobering reality that persists for many Black American students seeking a college education in navigating the challenges of being young, educated, Black and broke.

Overburdened with crushing, disproportionate levels of student debt, they are playing catch-up from the first day they step foot onto a college campus. As a result, they start their careers strapped with significantly more educational debt than most white college graduates. To Get More Info On Robert Smith's program for Black Students Click Here

Posted by community events coordinator, Nzinga Lonstein Austin, is a prolific blogger who writes on the entertainment industry and issues for people with developmental and physical challenges.

She is presently in high school looking to have a career in video, film, and media. You can see more of her entertainment writing on Lonstein Movies.

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