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Get The Breakdown On The Outstanding Success Of The 9th Annual Ubiquitous Women's Expo

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9th Annual Ubiquitous Women's Expo in Washington, DC: Empowering Women of Color with
 "The Power of Us." 

"A Resounding Success Attracting Thousands of Attendees!"

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, creator of The Ubiquitous Women's Expo and IKnow Skincare.

Serenading souls and stealing hearts, Dru Hill leaves their mark at the Ubiquitous Women's Expo with an unforgettable performance.

Article On The Outstanding Success Of The 9th Annual Ubiquitous Women's Expo Event Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On The Outstanding Success Of
The 9th Annual
Ubiquitous Women's Expo
Continues Below...

L to R: Olivia Lang, Lead Director of Faith-based Partnerships for CVS Health, shines as she graciously accepts the prestigious 2023 Ubiquitous Visionary Award from the creator of the Ubiquitous Women's Expo, Germaine Bolds-Leftridge.

The 2023 Ubiquitous Women's Expo is supported by an impressive array of influential sponsors, CVS Health, Cantu Beauty, Mielle, Dollar General, Curl Daze, AMBI, Universal Beauty, TOUCH BBCA, Hawaiian Silky, and American Cancer Society.

Singer and songwriter, Raheem DeVaughn connected with the crowd and touched the hearts and souls of all present.

Stormy Wellington left an indelible mark on the hearts of those present, inspiring them to step boldly into their own greatness and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

Isabel Davis, the gifted Stellar Award-winning worship leader and singer ushered the crowd into a transcendent worship experience at the Ubiquitous Women's Expo.
The prestigious Walter Washington Convention Center - Hall D, located in the heart of Washington, DC, was the place to be from July 21st to 23rd as the 9th Annual Ubiquitous Women's Expo took center stage.

This three-day event commenced with the electrifying "Black and Bling" celebration on Friday night, July 21st, and continued over the weekend with engaging edutainment, top-line performers, and interactive shopping experiences.

The Ubiquitous Women's Expo is the premier event for women of color from the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast, bringing together a diverse community to celebrate achievements, foster unity, and showcase excellence. With each passing year, the expo has grown exponentially, becoming a highlight on the calendars of many, and this year was no exception.

Founder of the Ubiquitous Women's Expo and creator of IKnow Skincare, Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, expressed her elation, stating, "The 9th annual Ubiquitous Women's Expo, 'The Power of Us,' has surpassed all our expectations and stands as a testament to the collective strength of women of color. We are elated to see our vision of unity and empowerment come to life, bringing together a diverse community of women to celebrate their achievements and support each other's growth."

Amidst the resplendent stage of the weekend's event, a remarkable lineup of trailblazing individuals took center stage, each showcasing their exceptional achievements in diverse fields. Ashley Silva, a multifaceted reality TV star, author, entrepreneur, speaker, teacher, pastor, mentor, and philanthropist, captivated the audience with her inspiring journey of triumphing over challenges and pursuing her dreams relentlessly.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, another remarkable presence at the expo, impressed the crowd with her extensive repertoire as a Board-Certified Cosmetic Dentist, author, inspirational speaker, business powerhouse, and renowned relationship expert, notably recognized for her role in Bravo's "Married to Medicine." Aventer Gray, with her impressive credentials as a speaker, pastor, teacher, mentor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, also graced the event with her remarkable presence, offering valuable insights and uplifting encouragement to those seeking guidance on their life journeys. Together, these extraordinary individuals illuminated the stage with their brilliance and left the audience inspired to embrace their own potential and create a brighter future.

Attendees were also delighted by appearances from television personality and entrepreneur Lisa Nicole Cloud multi-faceted entrepreneur," beloved reality TV stars and TikTok sensations Erana and Jamie Tyler from OWN's "Love & Marriage DC," and Dr. Kym Lee, the beauty mogul and celebrity MUA, has revolutionized the industry with her innovative and trendsetting techniques.

Adding to the excitement were performances from the award-winning R&B Supergroup Dru Hill, soulful singer and actor Christopher Williams, international spoken word artist and mentor K Love The Poet, international inspirational speaker and wellness guru Coach Stormy Wellington, talented DJ, artist, songwriter, and producer Kwame, accomplished actress and entrepreneur Nzinga Imani, ordained minister and founder of Uniquely Chosen Inc., Pamela McLaughlin, Grammy-nominated R&B singer and songwriter Raheem DeVaughn, Isabel Davis, a stellar award winning singer, worship leader and songwriter, and Maurette Brown Clark, a multi-stellar award winner, Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, radio personality, and worship leader.

Alongside the star-studded performances, the Ubiquitous Women's Expo featured a wide range of engaging workshops, thought-provoking panel discussions, product demonstrations, and quality exhibitors.

"The Power of Us" was a poignant and powerful theme that permeated every aspect of the expo, symbolizing the collective strength and resilience of women of color. The event's primary goal was to foster unity, empowerment, and self-care among its attendees, providing a safe and supportive space for women to connect, learn, and grow together.

From the moment they stepped foot into the venue, participants were immersed in an atmosphere of empowerment and inspiration. Workshops and panel discussions led by influential women from diverse backgrounds ignited a spark of motivation within each attendee, encouraging them to embrace their unique strengths and aspirations.

The expo also went beyond the surface, demonstrating its commitment to the well-being of women of color by offering health screenings and free mammograms. This commitment reaffirmed the organizers' dedication to ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of every woman present. As the expo came to a close, its impact extended far beyond the event itself, leaving a lasting impression on the lives of those who had experienced its transformative power of unity and celebration of womanhood.

Throughout the expo, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in engaging workshops, thought-provoking panel discussions, product demonstrations, and explore the offerings of over 125 exhibitors showcasing their passions with the community.

The event provided a supportive environment for women to explore and embrace their potential, fostering personal and professional growth.

The Ubiquitous Women's Expo also recognized outstanding achievements and contributions by presenting the highly coveted 2023 Ubiquitous Visionary Award to Olivia Lang, Lead Director of Faith-based Partnerships for CVS Health. The award celebrated Lang's extraordinary commitment to gender equality and diversity in the workplace, serving as an inspiring example for others striving for success.

The expo's primary goal was to foster unity, empowerment, and self-care among its attendees, providing a safe and supportive space for women to connect, learn, and grow together. The commitment to well-being extended to offering health screenings and free mammograms, reinforcing the organizers' dedication to the physical and emotional well-being of every woman present.

The Ubiquitous Women's Expo is proud to be supported by influential sponsors, including CVS Health, Cantu Beauty, Mielle, Dollar General, Curl Daze, AMBI, Universal Beauty, TOUCH BBCA, Hawaiian Silky, and the American Cancer Society. Their commitment to empowering and celebrating women from all walks of life further elevated the expo's mission and made it a powerful and transformative experience for women everywhere.

For more information about the Ubiquitous Women's Expo, please visit the official website at

Stay updated on the latest news and highlights by following Ubiquitous Women's Expo on Instagram @ubiquitous_expo.

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