Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Black Mom Now Wows Fans, Officially as Pop Star Vallyre

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The global pandemic has led many to consider creative endeavors, reevaluate their passions, and find new and different revenue sources. Valerie is a hardworking single mom of twin nine-year-old boys who has loved singing since she was a child. She is a singer-songwriter and has recently rebranded herself as a performing pop star. As Vallyre, she has released several singles, “COLDCHILL,” “BREAKOUT,” “BLOODSWEAT,” “DYNAMITE,” among others. Her music is now available for purchase on nearly all streaming platforms, including Soundcloud and Spotify. And as of January 2023, she celebrates the acceptance of her trademark application.

Vallyre grew up in the inner-city of Boston, MA and took singing lessons at the acclaimed TrueVoice NYC Academy. Later, after achieving her Associate’s degree, she began songwriting, investing in her talent and taking voice lessons at Iron Work Studios. During this time, Vallyre learned she would soon be a mom and became more intentional about participating in open-mic events. “Folks tend to let go of their dreams once they have children. For me, it was quite the opposite, says Vallyre. “Becoming a parent inspired me to push things into first gear and get started.”

Starting and stopping her pursuits for roughly ten years, Vallyre considered music a hobby, while her brother, Will, was actively performing as a rap artist and well-known throughout their area. “My brother used to do shows in the area all the time. When he passed away, that inspired me to do everything I can to keep striving,” says Vallyre. Upon his untimely death in 2018, she put more concerted effort behind her singing, songwriting, and live performances and branded herself as an independent music artist. From earnings as an Institutional Safety Officer, this mom of two paid for photo shoots, launched her website, fully funded her projects, and produced a music video. And she did it all on her own. To date, her music has over 25,000 streams on Soundcloud. Her music video for “BLOODSWEAT,” though 45 seconds long, now has over 195,000 views.

Vallyre has a fascination for George Michael’s catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and warm vocals. Her musical inspirations are the producer team, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, while her style is an eclectic mix of Pop, Dance Music, R&B, and Techno/Electronica. Collaborating with multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producer Art Shweky, Vallyre released her first EP, ‘EXPLOSION,’ on the SoundCloud platform. Vallyre’s new song, “BLOODSWEAT,” a Techno Dance track with hypnotic vocals, was co-written with producer Howie Moscovitch, who she’s collaborated with through Skype. Surprisingly, Vallyre met producer Howie Moscovitch after he’d reached out through Facebook. The two connected and forged a songwriting team that works.

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Vallyre sings about relationships and recalls actual experiences through her lyrics. She aims to voice hard lessons and carry positive messages. Vallyre hopes her way of truth-telling melodically feels familiar to her listeners, even when her sound may be leading them in a powerful new direction. “BREAKOUT” is a metaphor for a relationship that taught her not to sacrifice her peace trying to keep others happy. “Dynamite” is about her ability to transform and light up stage performances despite being shy. Vallyre’s latest EP revolves around female empowerment, acceptance, and love.

BLOODSWEAT” is about reaping the rewards and celebrating after all the hard work you’ve put in. Vallyre, a member of ASCAP, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, and her financing of the projects even kick things up a notch because she owns her Masters.

“And ‘BLOODSWEAT’ is also about working hard to achieve what you want. Through it all, I want my twin boys to understand that we have power. We can put forth the effort and change things for the better. I want to teach my children that even if it takes a long time, even if they have to work to provide for themselves and survive, they can still pursue their goals. Be persistent.”

Vallyre also credits her stylist/makeup expert, Tyron Mayes, for helping her make bold statement choices through style, and her photographer, Udo, for helping her to maintain professional quality as an independent artist. “I admire how Howie works and how he produces, and I am happy with the team I have. I am also looking to connect with the other artists.”

I’m going wherever this takes me, and I won’t give up. I want to go out and get the job done. I want to remind everyone that it’s never too late for anything. There’s nothing you can’t do! So, have you listened to my music? If not, take a listen! And if yes, add it to your playlist. While you’re at it, put it on repeat.”

With timeless lessons wrapped in sweet melodies and memorable hooks listening audiences can connect with, Vallyre has finally achieved what she’s been aiming for all along—a radio-ready sound. And thanks to her team, the support of her mom, her favorite cousin, and her twin boys, Valerie can accomplish what she needs to do to make her dreams come true, one single at a time.

For press and media inquiries, including promotional photos, please email Vallyre@live.com with ‘Publicity’ in the subject line. To learn more about Vallyre and purchase her music, visit www.vallyreonline.com.

Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram @Vallyre

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