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See Why Bishop Herb Daughtry Joins Activists To Protest The Police Killing Of Bernard Placide

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"Bishop Herbert Daughtry Preaches Empowerment From The Pulpit And Action In The Community"
Bishop Herb Daughtry Joins Activists To Protest The Police Killing Of Bernard Placide  

By Bishop Herbert Daughtry

Last night, (1/3) I attended the Englewood Council Meeting, to support the family of Bernard Placide, a 22 year old Black male. He was shot to death in his own home by a White female police officer.
There have been many meetings, marches and rallies. The community became furious when it learned that the officer who shot Bernard was promoted. The city said the officer has not been promoted but reassigned.

The Council meeting was packed, two deep standing room only. Former police chief Scott Jenkins, one of the key organizers, Rick another organizer, veteran organizer Lawrence Hamm, members of NAN, and the family of Bernard were some the leaders present and made statements.

Bishop Herbert Daughtry Left And NAN Founder Lawrence Hamm  

Article On Herb Daughtry Protests the Killing Of Bernard Placide Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On Herb Daughtry Protests the Killing Of Bernard Placide Continues Below...

It was a long, occasional  disorderly meeting. Most of the speakers disregarded the two minutes rule. In my remarks, I emphasized how insensitive, unreal it was to promote or reassigned an officer who killed some one, in the most suspicious circumstances.

It is the history of police relations with the Black Community. Police Officers blatantly kill Black People, even children and women, and they are usually found not guilty. I pointed to Natacha Pannell, who spoke passionately about her brother’s death, Phillip Pannell was shot in the back. He was fifteen.

The Community vowed to continue the protest till justice prevails!

Bio: Bishop Herbert Daughtry heads Herbert Daughtry Global Ministries.  
The Reverend Dr. Herbert Daughtry hails from a family which has produced five generations of Black church leaders.

Born in Savannah, Georgia, and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey, Reverend Daughtry has risen to positions of national and international prominence. Currently National Presiding Minister of The House of the Lord Churches, he has previously served as Chairman of the National Black United Front, and Founder and President of the African People’s Christian Organization.


More than 60 years of involvement in church and community service has earned him the title, “The People’s Pastor.”  To learn about Bishop Daughtry Visit: Herbert Daughtry Global Ministries

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