Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Univ. Study About Racism in Science

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A new study conducted by researchers at Old Dominion University has found that prospective teachers may not be well equipped to help students identify racism in science practice.

According to Jomo Mutegi, the study’s lead author, “These findings should be especially concerning for children of African descent whose communities suffer disproportionately from environmental toxins, food desserts, medical malpractice and other manifestations of racism in science practice.”

The study, which will soon be published by the Journal of Science Teacher Education, collected data from 64 preservice teachers surveyed over the course of 18 months. Among the findings, it showed that respondents viewed Western culture and science as being superior to non-Western culture and science and also viewed scientific advancement as one-sided, acknowledging its benefits but not recognizing actual or potential detriments. “If students go through life with na├»ve views of science, they are more likely to be harmed by the detriments that sometimes accompany scientific advancement,” said Demetrice Smith-Mutegi, the study’s second author.

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Article On Univ. Study About Racism in Science Continues Below...

While there is growing interest among many educators to provide more culturally responsive approaches across all subject areas, subjects like science and mathematics are especially challenging. However, racial disparity in people’s responses to the COVID pandemic and racial disparity in people affected by the Flint Water Crisis, are just two examples of the importance of drawing students’ attention to racial disparity as they learn science and mathematics.

Nicole Lewis, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of the Virgin Islands points out that, “Racism is a controversial topic that is easy to see in a subject like history. But we are not normally taught to think about controversy in science and mathematics.”

The authors hope that the study’s findings can be used by university professors to prepare prospective teachers to present science in a more balanced way to K-12 students. The original study was published online in February 2022.

Details About the Study:
Mutegi, J. W., Smith-Mutegi, D. & Lewis, N. (2022). Fostering critical perspectives of science among preservice elementary teachers: An empirical identification of affordances and hinderances. Journal of Science Teacher Education. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1080/1046560X.2021.2015531

About the Lead Author
Jomo W. Mutegi is an Associate Professor of Science Education at Old Dominion University and PI of Mutegi STEM Learning Lab. Dr. Mutegi’s research seeks to understand how STEM practice contributes to the current social condition of African people and how STEM learning can be used to improve that condition.

For press inquiries, contact Jomo W. Mutegi, Associate Professor at 757-683-3616 or jmutegi@odu.edu

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