Friday, February 25, 2022

Names of 200+ Black People Killed By Police in 2021

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James A. Samuel, founder of an app that turns your smartphone into a personal bodycam that also alerts family members, strongly believes that his technology can save lives.

Last year, more than 1,000 people were shot and killed in the U.S. by police officers, and according to Newsweek, at least 203 of them were Black. James A. Samuel, Jr., the developer of an app called ANJEL Tech that turns any smartphone into the world’s most powerful bodycam, says that his technology could have potentially saved those victims' lives.

James created the app because of his passion for preventing more Black Americans from becoming yet another painful statistic. His app is both a discrete and secure way to immediately start live streaming an incident, and also automatically send alerts and the person's GPS location to trusted family members and friends. The person in need of help can do so quietly without an aggressor noticing, and can also save the footage as video evidence to demand accountability.

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Here are the names, ages, and locations of all 203 African Americans who were killed by police in 2021 (originally published on Newsweek):
  1. Carl Dorsey III, 39, Newark, NJ
  2. La Garion Smith, 27, Homestead, FL
  3. Tre-Kedrian Tyquan White, 20, Richburg, SC
  4. Vincent Belmonte, 18, Cleveland, OH
  5. Shawn McCoy, Spokane, WA
  6. Robert "Lil Rob" Howard, 30, Memphis, TN
  7. Kwamena Ocran, 24, Gaithersburg, MD
  8. Jason Nightengale, 32, Evanston, IL
  9. Matthew Oxendine, 46, Pembroke, NC
  10. Paul Bolden, 37, Phoenix, AZ
  11. Patrick Warren Sr., 52, Killeen, TX
  12. Lymond Maurice Moses, 30, Wilington, DE
  13. Kershawn Geiger, 24, Carmichael, CA
  14. Reginald Johnson, 48, Biloxi, MS
  15. Zonterious Johnson, 24, Lawton, OK
  16. Christopher Harris, 27, Toledo, OH
  17. Eusi Malik Kater Jr., 21, Titusville, AL
  18. Tyree Kajawn Rogers, 38, Wichita Falls, TX
  19. Randy Miller, Los Angeles, CA
  20. Roger D. Hipskind, 37, Wabash, IN
  21. Karl Walker, 29, Dixon, CA
  22. Marvon Payton Jr., 27, Las Vegas, NV
  23. Jenoah Donald, 30, Hazell Dell, WA
  24. Dontae Green, 34, Baltimore, MD
  25. Trey Webster, 18, Mobile, AL
  26. Christopher Hagans, 36, Stratford, CT
  27. Andrew Hogan, 25, Trotwood, OH
  28. Dustin Demaurean Powell, 34, Lakeview, TX
  29. Gregory Taylor, 45, Seattle, WA
  30. Jordan Walton, 21, Austin, TX
  31. Cortez Lee Bogan, 27, East Cleveland, OH
  32. Brandon Wimberly, 36, Coral Gables, FL
  33. De'Aire Jontae Gray, 28, Speedway, IN
  34. Daverion Kinard, 29, Fontana, CA
  35. Arnell States, 39, Cedar Rapids, IA
  36. Alonte Damar Murphy, 22, Garden City, MI
  37. Benjamin Tyson, 35, Baltimore, MD
  38. Donald Francis Hairston, 44, Culpeper, VA
  39. Chandra Moore, 55, Detroit, MI
  40. Broderick Woods, 33, Houston, TX
  41. Dwight Brown, 41, Abbeville, LA
  42. Andrew Teague, 43, Columbus, OH
  43. Howayne Gayle, 35, Lakeland, FL
  44. Tyshon Jones, 29, Rochester, NY
  45. Tyrell Wilson, 32, Danville, CA
  46. Nika Nicole Holbert, 31, Nashville, TN
  47. Charles Ray Phillips, 51, Monahans, TX
  48. Christopher Ruffin, 28, Palm Bay, FL
  49. Caleb Smith, 22, Hayward, CA
  50. Matthew James Hurlock, 35, Cypress, TX
  51. Exzabian Morgan Myers, 31, Graniteville, SC
  52. Daryl Leonard Jordan, 50, Miami, FL
  53. Kevin L. Duncan, 38, Bellefontaine, OH
  54. Frankie Jennings, 32, Charlotte, NC
  55. Aaron Pierre Thomas, Canton, OH
  56. Travon Chadwell, 18, Chicago, IL
  57. Malcolm D. Johnson, 31, Kansas City, MO
  58. Donovon W. Lynch, 25, Virginia Beach, VA
  59. Matthew Blaylock, 38, Los Angeles, CA
  60. Michael Leon Hughes, 32, Jacksonville, FL
  61. Willie Roy Allen, 57, Lithonia, GA
  62. DeShawn Latiwon Tatum, 25, Rock Island, IL
  63. Noah R. Green, 25, Washington, D.C.
  64. Diwone Wallace, 24, Alorton, IL
  65. Gabriel Casso, 21, Bronx, NY
  66. Desmon Montez Ray, 28, Birmingham, AL
  67. Roger Cornelius Allen, 44, Daly City, CA
  68. Dominique Williams, 32, Takoma Park, MD
  69. James Lionel Johnson, 38, Takoma Park, MD
  70. James Alexander, 24, Philadelphia, PA
  71. Raheem Reeder, 21, Tallahassee, FL
  72. Deshund Tanner, 31, Georgetown, KY
  73. Faustin Guetigo, 27, Rockford, IL
  74. Daunte Wright, 20, Brooklyn Center, MN
  75. Miles Jackson, 27, Westerville, OH
  76. Matthew Zadok Williams, 35, Decatur, GA
  77. Anthony Thompson Jr., 17, Knoxville, TN
  78. Pier Alexander Shelton, 28, Bremen, GA
  79. Lindani Myeni, 29, Honolulu, HI
  80. Innes Lee Jr., 25, Cleveland, OH
  81. Roderick Inge, 29, Tuscaloosa, AL
  82. Larry Jenkins, 52, Winter Haven, FL
  83. Ryan Oneal Williams, 31, Fort Worth, TX
  84. Doward Syleen Baker, 39, Dothan, AL
  85. Ma'Khia Bryant, 16, Columbus, OH
  86. Andrew Brown, 42, Elizabeth City, NC
  87. Tory Casey, 41, Rosenberg, TX
  88. Michael Lee McClure, 26, Billings, MT
  89. Marvin Veiga, 32, Nashville, TN
  90. Hanad Abdiaziz, 25, Kansas City, MO
  91. Terrance Maurice Parker, 36, Washington, D.C.
  92. Eric Derrell Smith, 30, Biloxi, MS
  93. La'Mello Parker, 1, Biloxi, MS
  94. Latoya Denis James, 37, Woodbine, GA
  95. Ashton Pinke, 27, Mesquite, TX
  96. Adonis Traughber, 54, Clarksville, TX
  97. Kalon Horton, 29, Lancaster, TX
  98. Lance Lowe, 30, Stockton, CA
  99. Monolito Ford, 48, Indianapolis, IN
  100. Timothy Fleming, 49, Baltimore, MD
  101. Denzell Nathan Clarke, 28, Waldorf, MD
  102. Tyrone Penny, 21, Decatur, GA
  103. Gary Moncrief, 32, Montgomery, AL
  104. Darion M. Lafayette, 24, Champaign, IL
  105. Patrick Watkins, 31, Pittsburg, CA
  106. Kortnee Lashon Warren, 23, Albany, GA
  107. Zaekwon Malik Gullatte-Graves, 25, Houston, TX
  108. Juan Joseph Daniele Castellano, 38, Athens, GA
  109. Darren Dejuan Chandler, 34, Lenexa, KS
  110. Shannon Wright, 29, Denver, CO
  111. Antonio Christopher Jones, 26, Houston, TX
  112. Demetrius Stanley, 31, San Jose, CA
  113. Bilal Winston Shabazz, 29, Yucca Valley, CA
  114. William Brookins Sr., 39, Phoenix, AZ
  115. Winston Smith, 32, Minneapolis, MN
  116. Andrew Homen, 34, Braintree, MA
  117. Timothy Flowers, 29, Rochester, NY
  118. Michael Lee Ross Jr., 32, Forest Hill, TX
  119. Terrell Gas, 36, College Park, GA
  120. Josiah L. Byard, 21, Willcox, AZ
  121. Rezek Yaqub Yahya, 39, Salt Lake City, UT
  122. Solomon Jamison, 28, Jackson, MS
  123. Jermaine Sonnier, 19, Houston, TX
  124. Ansy Dolce, 29, Holly Springs, GA
  125. Carlos Jackson, 43, Lithia Springs, GA
  126. Briana Sykes, 19, Flint, MI
  127. Jeff Melvin, 20, Salem, AL
  128. De'Shon Hill, 39, Luray, VA
  129. Earl Fitzgerald Hunter, 40, Greenville, SC
  130. Fred Holder, 28, Norwalk, CA
  131. Albert Wayne Finnie Jr., 22, College Station, TX
  132. Tristan Trevino, 24, Corpus Christi, TX
  133. Jerome Barber, 59, Azusa, CA
  134. Joseph Lee Humbles, 29, Atlanta, GA
  135. Shannon Earl Smith,45, Spartanburg, SC
  136. John Reuben Turbe, 30, Tampa, FL
  137. Gulia Dale III, 61, Newton, NJ
  138. Klevontaye White, 34, Chicago, IL
  139. Justin Powell, 32, Baltimore, MD
  140. Marquez Floyd, 31, Albuquerque, NM
  141. Ryan LeRoux, 21, Gaithersburg, MD
  142. Maurice Sentel Mincey, 36, Savannah, GA
  143. Quentin Bogard, 36, Canton, MS
  144. Leslie Stephen Scarlett, 35, Tucson, AZ
  145. Irvin Peterson, 35, Houston, TX
  146. Gabriel "Sam" Parker, 38, Atlanta, GA
  147. Losardo Lucas, 55, Calumet City, IL
  148. Alexis C. Wilson, 19, Dolton, IL
  149. Antonio King, 22, Nashville, TN
  150. Dashawn "Big Top" Batiste, 22, Lafayette, LA
  151. Marcus Martin, 40, Baltimore, MD
  152. Christopher Robinson, 48, Seguin, TX
  153. Antonio Jackson, 27, Memphis, TN
  154. Broderick Shelton, 42, Milwaukee, WI
  155. Terrence Bey, 29, Philadelphia, PA
  156. Devonte Dawayne Brown, 28, Marietta, GA
  157. James Matalice Smith, 41, Somerville, TX
  158. Tyran Lamb, 31, Milwaukee, WI
  159. Tory Brown, 22, College Park, GA
  160. Robert Anderson, 38, Crescent City, CA
  161. Antwan Gilmore, 27, Washington, D.C.
  162. Fanta Bility, 8, Sharon Hill, PA
  163. Christopher Corey Moore, 41, Greensboro, NC
  164. Johnny Lee Perry II, 31, Missoula, MT
  165. Paris Wilder, 38, West Melbourne, FL
  166. James Williams, 33, Indianapolis, IN
  167. Cedric Baxter, 60, Buena Park, CA
  168. Frederick Thomas, 41, Miamisburg, OH
  169. Josue Arias, 32, Clearwater, FL
  170. Leden Boykins, 12, Douglasville, GA
  171. Cedric Williams, 29, Oxon Hill, MD
  172. Desmond Lewis, 30, Shreveport, LA
  173. Tristan Vereen, 33, Longs, SC
  174. Robert Parks, 39, Smyrna, GA
  175. Joshua Cooper, 31, Brooklyn, NY
  176. Dishawn Sanders, Jackson, MS
  177. Adrian Cameron, 47, Nashville, TN
  178. Unsfored Lewis Thurmond, 27, Smyrna, GA
  179. Turell Brown, 28, Chicago, IL
  180. Deon Ledet, 30, Houston, TX
  181. Desmond Damond Louis, 20, Lake Charles, LA
  182. Keith Cole, 50, Senatobia, MS
  183. Gloria Marie Strong, 27, Allen, TX
  184. Kyle Anthony Veyon, 26, Columbus, OH
  185. Darrion Taylor, 26, Tucson, AZ
  186. Demetrius Roberts, 21, Las Vegas, NV
  187. Corey Daniel Wellman, 40, Nashville, TN
  188. Simran Gordon, 24, Rochester, NY
  189. Ramone Javaris Dwight, 29, Hagan, GA
  190. Derrick Clinton, 27, Indian Land, SC
  191. Michael Carothers, 17, Austin, TX
  192. Jovan Lewis Singleton, 36, Woodlawn, MD
  193. Jermaine Harris, 32, Tarboro, NC
  194. Allan Lorenzo Robb, 33, West Palm Beach, FL
  195. Deandre Johnson, 30, Washington, D.C.
  196. Johnny McGee, 36, Houma, LA
  197. Name withheld by police, 30, Columbia, MO
  198. Steven Thomas, 36, Las Vegas, NV
  199. Jabari Farafiai Asante-Chioke, 52, Metairie, LA
  200. Anthony Harden, 30, Fall River, MA
  201. Lionel Womack, 35, Kansas City, KS
  202. Edward Allen Gatling, 38, Lithonia, GA
  203. Anei Joker, 20, Taylorsville, UT
Although Black Americans account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, they continue to be killed by police at more than twice the rate of their white counterparts. During Black History Month, it is important that our awareness of Black lives in America remains at risk in 2022, and ANJEL Tech intends on changing these alarming statistics.

Police went only 15 days without killing a single person in 2021. Between 2013 and 2021, 61 Black people per 1 million Black people were killed in the U.S, making them 2.9 times more likely to be killed by police than white people. From the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery to the death of Breonna Taylor, conversations and stories regarding Black Americans being racially profiled, fearing for their safety, and dying at the hands of police, as well as others, have gone virtually silent in the news.

Imagine if victims had been able to contact family or a friend in an instant, or if loved ones knew exactly where they were at the time to see what transpired. Imagine if audio and video footage of the events were immediately accessible and downloadable. Events may have been very different, and the tragedies could have been avoided altogether.

Unlike some corporations or police departments that may try to destroy, control, or tamper with camera evidence, ANJEL Tech is dedicated to supporting Black families by empowering them to control and most of all, preserve the accounts and actions of victims.

About ANJEL Tech:
Created by James A. Samuel and his wife, Evelyn, in 2020, ANJEL Tech is a technological revolution to ensure dignity, fairness, and safety. It turns any smartphone into your own personal body cam, and it works all over the world. It’s secure, mobile, cloud-based, and was made by people of color who are passionate about preventing others like them from becoming another painful statistic.

How to Download the App:
Concerned parents, grandparents, and young people themselves can download the app from Apple's iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

The app is also available by visiting

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Willie Jones, a motorist who was kicked in the head after surrendering to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy is pursing a complaint against Deputy Sheriff Corie Smith and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for police misconduct, civil rights violations, and injuries sustained as a result of the assault, says his attorney, Zulu Ali of the Law Offices of Zulu Ali & Associates, LLP in Riverside, California.

On June 16, 2021 in Victorville, California, Willie Jones, a Black motorist was surrendering after an allegedly driving at high speed and later complying with orders of San Bernardino County Deputies by laying prone on his stomach when Deputy Corie Smith kicks Mr. Jones in his head twice while another deputy placed his knee on Mr. Jones’s neck.  The incident was captured on a surveillance camera at a dealership in Victorville, California.

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