Thursday, August 26, 2021

Learn Why Purple Heart Awardee And HBCU Scholar Dr. Charles L. Singleton Inspires With Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee

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Clement Addison Singleton, Inspiration, Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee

Clement Addison Singleton, Sr., and The Canaan United Methodist Church Choir, Ridgeville, South Carolina, 1980s

"Inspiration" Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 "Vaccination Jubilee," Write My Name On The Roll

By HBCU ECSU Op-Ed Wellness Writer
Dr. Charles L. Singleton, AU, ’72, NSU, '93

Elizabeth City State University (ECSU), Atlanta University and Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically Fashioned "With Persistent Mutative" Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWPMTOP). Warning, Increased Concerns
: More Unvaccinated Americans and Children are Sickened or Dying from this most Virulently Contagious Disease. "We Need Healing and a Spiritual Awakening, Right Now in 2021." This time of corona-virus disease (2019, 2020 and 2021) has “interrupted and intersected” eternity, and created the “NEW NORMAL, ABNORMAL.” When time intersects with eternity. --- Fr Stephen Wang

The Coronavirus Ebb Tide is ever so Frightening! Today, absolutely, people who are living in the COVID-19 worldwide need to inspirationally protect and love their earthly lives
. First, let us read and focus on the number of our fellow Americans, who have suffered and died from COVID-19, circa January 2020. America, August 15, 2021: 37,435, 835+ Confirmed Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Delta Variant- Driven Stunning Cases: 637, 439 + Deaths and 30,144, 609 + Recovered, USA (Worldometer). Since January 20,2020, an age of “A New Abnormality.”

The Coronavirus, as previously written: 
"Globally, the Covid-19 infective agent is sickening and killing human beings on planet earth at an alarming rate. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic started in 2019- 2020 as An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically Fashioned 'With' Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWTOP). Unfortunately, our day-to-day realities of joblessness, emotional dilemmas; the continuance of police brutality against minorities, various environmental calamities; man-made infrastructure catastrophes, financial bankruptcies, and unemployment, are causing HAVOC, widespread discontent, homelessness, and DEATH!"  Somehow, through it ALL, “We Americans will need to focus on building generational wealth, instead of generational debt.” --- Avril Smalls, Scoop Publication, Global News, June 8, 2020.

Some 20-21 months later and trending, the name is still changing: An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically Fashioned "With Persistent Mutative" Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWPMTOP)

Article & Videos Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On Sign Me Up For "The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee" Continues Below...

Now, during my lifetime, when I think of being inspired, or motivated to do something, that could become a difficult decision, I often reflect upon my late dear father, Clement Addison Singleton, Sr., 1913-2001, "Mr. Oddie," who gave all of his paychecks during their 57 years of marriage (1933-1990) to his wife, my mother, Mrs. Catherine Flood Singleton (1916-1990), the beloved "Queen Mother of Wisdom."  Daddy was born in "Clubhouse," Ridgeville, South Carolina. He often said, "As time passes, it seems like I only attended public school a year and one day." And, as previously published and read on February 3, 2019, and February 29, 2020, Southeast Queens Scoop Blog, Kamau Austin, Scoop Publications, the following was written: Historically, my father, Clement A. Singleton, Sr., as a child, only attended grade school for 4 years and a day (fourth grade education and night school), was a local farmer, who worked 29 years, 6 months and 27 days for the US Army Ordnance Depot, Charleston Naval Shipyard, and Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina.  And, with his shortened public-school education, Clement A. "Mr. Oddie" Singleton, Sr., after surviving stage 3 lung cancer (radical surgery), during the late 1950s and early 1960s, went on to achieving greatness. Clement A. Singleton, Sr., while employed at the Charleston Air Force Base, was awarded the "U.S. Air Force Certificate of Safety," for improving safety procedures in loading and unloading the C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft. Thus, Clement A. Singleton, Sr., lived as an extraordinary son and a very talented man; a beloved brother, father, husband, confidant, lifetime community and church leader; Lay Speaker, Hymn Choir singer and a South Carolina Legendary “Low Country” vocalist, and member of Canaan United Methodist Church (CUMC), Ridgeville, South Carolina.

In 1982, shortly after the untimely passing of his oldest daughter, Thelma Singleton Evans (1934-1982), Lay Speaker Clement A. Singleton, Sr.’s Sunday sermon and “old time gospel songs,” were recorded:
 Hymn, “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior,” was performed by his son, Isreal T. Singleton, and CUMC musically-assisted worship service congregation.  The song “Prayer Changes Things,” and Acapella Congregational Songs were sung at Red Bank United Methodist Church, Cottageville, SC, where Clement A. Singleton, Sr. sung three songs: “I Saw The Light” and “Sign Me Up,” along with “How Far Am I From Canaan?” RE: Canaan United Methodist Church Choir, Original Historical Hymns and Congregational Church Songs: CD, 1982 & 2019 (Photo: Singleton Family Archives), transferred by John Glassburner of Creswell, Oregon and first recorded by Isreal T. Singleton, Cottageville & Ridgeville, SC, 1982.

Bernard Myers, The Traveler, Wear a Mask, Please Get Vaccinated as Soon as Possible, Sign Me Up, Peace and Blessings 

"Sign Me Up For The Christian Jubilee," an African-American church song that confidently expressed happiness, especially during one's trials and tribulations of life. My father was frequently called upon during his living years to sing this song to and with church congregations throughout the low country of South Carolina.  If Mr. Oddie was alive today during this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic, he would sing it as follows: "Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee, Write My Name On The Roll. I've Been Changed Since They Vaccinated Me, Now I Am Ready For Anything That Comes."

Yes everyone, our human bodies are made up of 78% water, which includes 10% hydrogen, 65% oxygen, (H2O: water) and 3% Nitrogen from the oceans (nitrification) of planet earth, plus 18% of earth’s carbon: Lewis Latimer-Thomas Edison effect (95 - 96°), coldness, or no body temperature: hypothermia, cold human body temperature below 35°C (95°F), and YES we are not yet living. WOW!  Only 4 human natural elements make up about 96% of OUR bodies (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon)? YES, with only, these elements, and we are not alive! The human body must have daily nutritious foods and additional water to maintain the 3.7% - 4% of life, which include: 1.5% calcium (97.2 - 97.7°F), sub normal body temperature, add 1% phosphorus creates a normal body temperature 98.6°F, or in some individuals (97- 99°F). Traditionally and mythically, human beings normal human body temperature range, including children, is 36.5 - 37 °C or 97.7– 98.6 °F: human life core elements and temperatures.  Additional and fractional human life core elements of normal body temperature include measurable amounts of 0 .35% potassium, 0 .25% sulfur, 0.15% sodium, 0.15% chlorine; 0.05% magnesium, 0.0004% iron, 0.00004% iodine, and every trace chemical element from Arsenic to Zinc: A-Z = 99.4% - 99.85% total elements in human body composition (Web Sources). Note: Hyperthermia: disease induction of a fever temperature range: 100.9 -106.7°F. Please remember, if your body temperature is below 95- 96 degrees Fahrenheit (Hypothermia), you are near death or dead. Theoretically, COVID-19 wants to enter the human body with a normal body temperature range of 97- 99 degrees Fahrenheit to live, mutate and evolve using your 3.7% - 4% of earthly nutrition. In other words, the human body temperature is a MAGNETIC FIELD for COVID-19, "the unseen enemy," and its variants. The human body's climate is the "Birth Temperature of LIFE." Simply, life is precious (3.7% - 4%).  Therefore, it is so important to wear a mask and get vaccinated for protection from this deadly airborne persistent- mutative illness (AAIPADFWPMTOP).

Earth's Speed Around The Sun, While Spinning on Its Axis Transports The Coronavirus:  An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically Fashioned "With Persistent Mutative" Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWPMTOP)

In MY Opinion, The Immune System (Children and Adults Included). Fellow Americans and all humans on planet earth, this world germ absolutely does not care if you are a Republican, Democrat, an Independent, nonvoter; employed, unemployed, or about your race, gender identity, religious belief, and social identity, economic level of achievement, nor financial status, Say What!  This Ailment Wants To Kill Human Beings: Both Children and Adults Alike! Now, pay close attention while you continue to read my Op-Ed article. COVID-19 and its variants travel the same speed as earth does. Earth travels 67, 000 miles per hour, or 1.6 million miles a day around the sun, or 19 miles a minute (Space.Com). Everyday earth Spins 1000 miles an hour, or 460 meters per second on its axis, about 5 USA football fields (Scientific America).

Therefore, the Coronavirus is everywhere at the same time! This aggravating pestilent-destructive and persistent-mutative affliction wants to kill you by entering your body to get after your ^ 3.7- 4 percent of life previously mentioned in the chemical components of the human body! It wants to destroy you by taking away and seriously depleting your calcium (bones), phosphorous (supports immunity and many bodily functions), potassium (the heart, cells, tissues and organs), sulfur (antioxidants), sodium (blood pressure, muscles and nerves), chlorine (pH balancer, regulates bodily fluids, supports nerves), Magnesium (growth and development: bones, nerves, muscles and digestion), iron (hemoglobin: red blood cells, lungs, oxygen and breathing), iodine (thyroid health, the brain: cognitive function) and trace elements from Arsenic to Zinc support human life bodily systems (Web Sources). 

Now Wait a Minute! Human Life is So Precious and Only 4 Percent of Health with Heavenly Blessings

In other words, life is only 3.7% - 4% or 1 breath from dying. If you exhale or breathe outwardly from your lungs, and don't inhale (take oxygen back into your lungs), You Die. Sadly, the COVID-19 Delta variant wants to kill us and take our oxygen away, so it can travel around the earth even faster, by persistently mutating in humans: especially the unvaccinated, individuals who are obese (overweight), nutrient deficient, citizens with pre-existing health conditions: the chronically ill, and critically ill, and human beings who may have age-related illnesses, just to mention a few. "Sign Me Up For The COVID-19 Vaccination Jubilee, Write My Name On The Roll. I've Been Changed Since They Vaccinated Me, Now I Am Ready For Anything That Comes."  Clement Addison Singleton, Sr., Posthumously, "Red Road," Summerville, South Carolina

Web Sources, Microsoft Bing Photo of COVID-19 Delta Variant, An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically Fashioned "With Persistent Mutative" Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWPMTOP). A COVID -19 Earthly Image. Once again, earth’s orbital speed allows completion of its journey in 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09053 seconds, approximately every 24 hours around the sun, while spinning on its axis 1000 miles per hour, or 1600 kilometers per hour, almost 460 meters per second (Scientific America).
Remember The Polio (Poliomyelitis) Virus Has Been on This Earth Some 3.3 million Years. Thanks to Injectable Vaccinations (1955) created by Jonas Edward Salk (1914-1995), and the Oral Digestible Vaccinations (1958-1959) by Albert Bruce Sabin (1906-1993), the poliovirus has been significantly reduced worldwide. In 2021, only Afghanistan and Pakistan have manageable cases of poliomyelitis. Historical Note, The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. Just Think About The Success of Vaccines! “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, It will be happier.” --- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Microsoft Bing Photo of COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine 2021

Clement Addison Singleton, Sr. 1913-2021, Clement Albert Singleton, Jr., 1941-2019, FJUSA&O

Get vaccinated so you will be able to visit and travel on the historical Clement A. Singleton, Sr. Highway in Dorchester County, South Carolina. "Dum Spiro Spero, While I breathe, I hope." --- Theocritus and Cicero, South Carolina State Motto, 1776

In 2003, the 115Th General Assembly of South Carolina named a portion of HWY 61, Ridgeville, SC, in my father’s honor: Clement A. Singleton, Sr. sess115_2003-2004/bills/469. htm  --- Family Journal, USA & Overseas Story, Volume 3, Issue 4, December, 2016

A Father's Day Story: One Day I Looked in the Mirror and Much to My Surprise! Dante Lee 
International Publication. Click here. https://www.blacknews. com/news/a-fathers-day-story- one-day-i-looked-in-the- mirror-and-much-to-my- surprise/

Covid-19 Songs of Inspiration To Help You To Survive Both Mentally and Physically During These Troubling Times of Global Uncertainty And Deadly Microorganisms. “A Spiritual Awakening in 2021.”

Brenda Waters, Victory at. watch?v=GUmCWs-xJa0

Romance Watson, Tis The Old Ship of Zion at. watch?v=6565oCb-JxY

Rance Allen, I Stood on The Banks of Jordan at. watch?v=jK9OF3DM_Q8

The Family Journal, USA & Overseas Readers And Supporters Are Asking Everyone To Take Care of Yourself, Family, Friends, Neighbors, And Associates By Wearing A Protective Mask, And Getting Vaccinated, ASAP.

Copyright © 2005 -2021 The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Sarah McLean, Karen Merrilles & Charles L. Singleton| All Rights Reserved.

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