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Living To Die, You Decide, COVID-19 Delta Variant, A Pandemic: "Unvaccinated" Unseen Enemy

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Living To Die, You Decide, COVID-19 Delta Variant, A Pandemic: "Unvaccinated" Unseen Enemy

By HBCU ECSU Wellness Writer Dr. Charles L. Singleton

COVID-19 USA Since January 2020: nearly 36, 000, 000 + cases, 630, 000 + deaths, and 29, 700, 000 + patients have recovered from this viral illness.  Worldometers COVID-19 Data, Daily Updates and Projections 2021.

In addition, on July 30, 2021, Weekly Polling Roundup: Pollapalooza's Geoffrey Skelley reported that, "The delta variant is spreading rapidly in part because around 30 percent of Americans remain entirely unvaccinated." Currently, various data and media sources projected a 25%+ chance of the unvaccinated becoming infected by the delta variant. More specifically, "The delta virus is 50% to 60% more infectious than the alpha variant," Gregory Poland, M.D., Infectious Diseases, Mayo Clinic.

COVID-19 Complications, Possibly, an Early Graveside Celebration of Life:  And, today the unvaccinated USA citizens are running the risk of prematurely dying and crossing eternity's "Separating Line, and leaving this old world behind."  Risk takers, please let it be said, "The bed you rested in last night could become your cooling board, and the quiver you slept under a winding sheet." "You better preach and hold your hope!" Traditional Hymn Choir Song, Prayer and Sayings.

Readers, on Thursday, April 23, 2020, I first described the Coronavirus (COVID-19), as An Airborne Illness Possibility Aerodynamically Fashioned With Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWTOP).  And 16-17 months later in August 2021, I have added the word "Persistent," because of the mutative and life-threatening effects of this death-driven-infective agent (AAIPADFWPTOP).

Whereas, "PESTILENCE" is COVID-19 Complications, according to my friend Richard Sullivan. Furthermore, Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said, "In June 2021, statistical 99.2% of COVID-19 U.S. deaths involved those who were unvaccinated." Yes, think about wearing a mask (re: mask mandates and vaccinations). The possible health benefits of simply wearing a mask and getting vaccinated could save your life and the lives of your family members, loved ones, friends and associates.
Now educate yourself and others about the "Persistent" COVID-19 Delta Variant Complications: An Airborne Illness Possibility Aerodynamically Fashioned With "Persistent" Transmittable Omnipresence. View and read "Delta variant: 8 things you should know about this COVID-19 strain.” UCDavis Health. Updated July 23, 2021. Click here.

As described by Wikipedia research, hopefully, Covid-19 does not pattern itself in the manner of the disabling poliovirus (poliomyelitis), which crippled millions of humans dating back to pre-literary history, some 3.3 million years ago.  Polio has caused both paralysis and death throughout human history.  For example, an ancient Egyptian artifact from the 18th Dynasty seems to represent a polio victim, circa: 1403-1365 BCE.

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Article And Videos On Dr. Charles Singleton's "Living To Die, You Decide" Continues After Conquering The Polio Epidemic Video Below...

The First U.S. Polio Epidemic was in 1894. Wikipedia also mentioned that during the 1940s and 1950s, poliomyelitis disabled, paralyzed, or killed over a half a million people yearly (worldwide).  Later, in 1955, some 66 years ago, when I was in elementary school, we were vaccinated at school during this polio pandemic, which protected many school-age children from becoming infected.

Review the impact and history of polio in the United States, "conquering the polio epidemic."  See Video Above

In 2018, there were 30 victims of poliomyelitis living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  On July 25, 2020, Nigeria and Africa were declared free of wild polio, by the Africa Regional Certification Commission, according to Naomi Scherbel-Ball, BBC News.

Yes, my friends, human LIFE is Precious.  The ever-changing "Coronavirus is Sickening and Deadly.

"It simply cares nothing about your age, gender, race, intelligence, economic - social status, religious belief, political affiliation, and United States constitutional freedoms. The Coronavirus Wants to KILL YOU!  It's Your Choice, You Decide!  

Protect Yourself: rely on updated coronavirus medical data and correlated scientific research, instead of political talking points; check with your medical doctor, get vaccinated, wear a mask, practice social distancing; keep up with the updated COVID-19 guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

CDC: "The WAR HAS CHANGED." "COVID-19 is a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated." WHO: "Protect Yourself And Others."

You have the freedom to die or increase your earthly chances of living. Your brave human effort and unselfish participation by getting vaccinated will significantly help to better secure and protect everyone.  'A word to the wise is sufficient.' Please remember, in human society, always practice healthy participation; because public health is your earthly security, and your earthly security is public health.  Readers, have a joyous, safe, and productive day!

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Prolific Journalist and Vietnam Soldier
HBCU ECSU Wellness Writer Dr. Charles L. Singleton, Editor and Publisher of The Family Journal, USA & Overseas:  Atlanta VA CVNR Community Advisory Panelist, Emory University.  Brain Science: Cognitive Aging, School of Psychology, Georgia Tech, Consultant Participant.  Dr. Singleton is a prolific journalist and Vietnam soldier who authored the book Read Between the Lines, Provocative Essays for Saving Our Children.  He is also one of the Vietnam co-authors of the book,  I’m Ready To Talk.

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The Family Journal, USA & Overseas Fishermen’s Hall of Fame 2020 Lifetime Inductees Are Encouraging The Unvaccinated To Save Their Lives And Others From This Devastating And Death-Driven Illness.

Copyright © 2005 -2021 The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Sarah McLean, Karen Merrilles & Charles L. Singleton| All Rights Reserved.

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