Sunday, August 15, 2021

Discover How Tech Maven Kym Feltus Radiates The Beauty Of Tech In Our Exclusive Interview

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Meet Entrepreneur Kym Feltus
The Beauty of Tech
Tech Pioneer and Entrepreneur Kym Feltus

Kym Feltus is a multi-faceted powerhouse!  Her credits include accounting, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, mother, and television host of the popular show, “Conversation With Kym.”

We caught up with the busy tech and business innovator and asked her some essential questions about her emergence as a renaissance woman in the tech industry.

She was transparent and insightful in her responses.  Now to the interview…

Exclusive Interview With Tech Innovator & Mompreneur Kym Feltus Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Exclusive Interview With Tech Innovator & Mompreneur Kym Feltus Continues Below...

Kamau: Tell us how you began a career in the tech industry? What moments led up to your success in the field?

Kym: I’ve worked for 4 Fortune 100 companies in my almost 20-year career.  While working at one as an Operations Accounting Manager, I created a financial tech application for one of our accounting process that cut down the preparation time from 5-7 days to 1-2 days.  This was a big accomplishment in that it automated the analysis and ensured that the financials were accurate.

When I presented it to my boss, she ecstatic with what I created.  She immediately presented to the CFO and CEO of the company.

A few weeks went by and our company had is quarterly company meeting and my boss was recognized and awarded for the work that I accomplished.  As she was being presented with her award, she looked at me as I stared at her and it was in that moment that I knew that I would never allow that to happen to me again.

I created a financial tech app that benefited the company, but I was not recognized for my work.  I knew I had the ability to provide the same level of work and accuracy as an entrepreneur and that’s what lead me to start Strong Systems Solutions. My ability to shore up processes and automate systems lead me to create my own accounting software with the abilities to keep users IRS and GAAP compliant.  

Kamau: What advice would you give women struggling to maintain their work/home

Kym: Sometimes, we as women feel guilty about not being the conventional mothers our mothers were to us. With more women in the corporate world, job demands can take up more of our time from our families than we would like.

Many companies (especially the larger ones) are implementing home/work life balance initiatives in the workplace. Employers understand that the more balanced the employee, the more effective they are at work.

Companies are offering more incentives like flex time and are even allowing employees to work from home. Today’s technology makes all of this much easier than it was in the past.

I advise that every woman takes full advantage of what your company is offering to help you create a happy home and successful career all at the same time. Second, I advise women to never allow your work struggles to overwhelm you into carrying your burdens home.

Leave work at work and home at home. As women we tend to put a lot on our plates, but we should always set time aside for ourselves. Finding that time of peace and meditation is very necessary when trying to balance so many things.

Kamau: What kept you motivated to start more business ventures after battling depression? 

Kym: Suffering from depression is never easy, especially when trying to be a successful business owner.  I recently knew I needed to start seeing my therapist again when I lost all motivation to pursue any of my business ventures.

Depression will leave you in the position of neglecting all open doors of opportunity, open and unattended to. There is nothing more paralyzing then seeing opportunities fall in your lap and being numb to pursuing them.

I knew I had to talk to my therapist and figure out what it was going to take for me to get back to the Kym who stopped at nothing to achieve and execute.  I also began to work out with a trainer.

There is definitely a correlation between pushing yourself physically and nurturing yourself mentally. Being consistent with these two things gave me the motivation to get back to work. These days, I see my therapist twice a month and I work out at least 3 times per week.  

Kamau: Do you have any upcoming events or tours?  How can readers find out about your next event?

Kym: I am planning a book tour in early 2022.  I am an author of 3 books that I published in 2014.

I am writing second editions to these books and will re-release them next year.  I am also planning another Conversations With Kym with Co-Host Vivica A. Fox, next summer.

I am also launching my cosmetic and fragrance line in September of 2021.  You can follow me on my social media handles, Kym_Feltus(IG) Kym Feltus(FB)

Kamau: What is next for Kym Feltus? 

Kym: Honestly, no telling.  LOL.  I am a visionary who never stops dreaming.  I am always working on projects in the entertainment industry, corporate America and cosmetics. Whatever it is God gives me next, I will most definitely pursue.  

Kamau: What makes you EMpeccable? 

Kym: What makes me EMpeccable is the fact that I am not perfect but I am a person with pure intentions.   I want to see everybody win which is why I am a philanthropist, which is why I mentor other black women in corporate America and why I use my platform and the platform of other influencers to empower women and men, especially those who have suffered abuse and domestic violence.

I strive every day to be the BEST Kym God has called me to be.

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