Thursday, December 24, 2020

See Highly Regarded OP-ED Contributor Tolson Banner Envision How Black Insight Clarifies Black Eyesight

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By Special Guest Op-Ed Contributor Tolson Banner

I’ve been having problems with my Black eyesight all year long.  My “Black Vison” was blurred and I wasn’t sure if I was near sighted or far sighted.

I had a prognosis awhile back and was told I was suffering from “ocular hypertension.”  In layman’s terms this meant my insight was putting pressure on my eyesight.

I finally broke down and made an appointment to visit various disciplines of America’s eye doctors and/or practitioners: ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician.  Damn, in the year 20/20 I was flirting with the possibility that I might be going blind like America.

I arrived at America’s ophthalmologist office ‘round 8:46 am.  The time stirred an eerie feeling in me.  This was the exact time the Minneapolis policeman applied pressure to George Floyd’s neck with his knee cutting off his breathe of life.

Former Minneapolis prosecutor Amy Klobuchar finger prints were all over this public lynching.  During her tenure, Klobuchar never prosecuted police involved in fatal encounters with black men.

Klobuchar carried on this tradition with impunity. Now as the US Senator, Klobuchar is being touted by President-elect Joe Biden as possibly the next Attorney General.  I could feel my insight putting pressure on my eyesight.  The receptionist arrived and led me to the examining room.

United States senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, never prosecuted police involved in fatal encounters with black men.

Article & Video On OPT-ED Contributor Tolson Banner's Black Insight Clarifying Black Eyesight Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Video & Article On OPT-ED Contributor Tolson Banner's Black Insight Clarifying Black Eyesight Continues Below...

America’s eye doctor conducted a series of eye tests examining the “Black eye” retina and cornea. The doctor said there was a fluid build-up behind my eyes and could not ascertain their origin or causes.

I quickly offered the fluid buildup was actually tears, ala the American Indian Trail of Tears, from the 400 years of her brutal enslavement and how she now turns a “blind eye” toward this horror. Not wanting to waste any time, she whisked me off to the eye chart exam room.

Map of Native American Removal Related To The Trail Of Tears

After acclimating my eyes to the darken room, I settled in and adjusted my position to fit the eye-examining apparatus. I was told by the doctor to call out the letters on America’s eye chart. The letters at the top of the chart were big and bold. At the behest of the doctor, I read them aloud, “R-A-C-I-S-M”.

The doctor said very good.  But before she could resume, I interrupted, “These letters form the basis to the systemic institutional biases rampant throughout American society.”  She deflected my outburst with her cognitive dissonance.  

“Please refrain from editorializing the words on this eye chart.”  She added, “The purpose of this eye examine is to get your Black eyes to see through the American aperture.”

Obviously perturbed, she said let’s continue. I called out, “P-O-L-I-C-E-B-R-U-T-A-L-I-T-Y!”  Oblivious to what the doctor had said, I offered this was the basis for the clarion call to DEFUND THE POLICE and gave rise to BLACK LIVES MATTER - even though both President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris refuse to embrace the term.

Both of their records reflect their answer to being tough on crime was locking up black people.  At the demand of the Democratic Party, Democrats overall stop using the term altogether as part of their Georgia US Senate strategy to try and win over some red state voters from this “Peach State” in hopes of flipping the US Senate in their favor.

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris refuse to embrace the term Defund The Police

The number one issue blacks were bargaining for was now removed from the negotiating table.  It harkens back to the 1877 Hayes/Tilden presidential elections.  

As a compromise to the South and to allow Rutherford B. Hayes to take office, the North removed all troops from the South.  The famed historian Rayford Logan captures this chicanery in his book, “The Betrayal of the Negro”.

Removing federal troops from the South ushered in Jim Crow, KKK, and enslave patrols which ultimately morphed into today’s police departments.  The treachery exemplified by the Democratic party during this election cycle mirrors the same betrayal.

Source Wikipedia:

Seeming to had enough with my Black eyes and the volley of insights that followed, the doctor rushed to give me intervention medical advice.  She said if I would consider surgical selective amnesia for American history optics and forgo believing my “lying Black eyes” I could reduce tremendously the clarity of my Black insight.  She also recommended I visit an optometrist.  I grabbed my shades and bounced.
I was already on the road traveling cross country.  I decided to make an optometrist pit stop somewhere Midwest.

Vanilla complexions ruled the landscape.  It appeared as if “all eyes were on me.”  I entered the optometrist office still taken aback by the ophthalmologist surgical recommendations.

The American optometrist appeared with clip board in hand and stated the doctor had emailed my Black eye medical history ahead of me.   Silence took hold as the practitioner began to ply her trade.

She announced she had seen cases like this before based upon American empirical Black eyesight data and was inclined to agree with the ophthalmologist.  But she wanted to be sure, so once again I was shuttled to an eye examining room.  

The optometrist reiterated she was there only to treat, examine, and diagnose.  Unlike the ophthalmologist who could render medical advice along with surgery, the optometrist diagnosis would lead to the right prescription for optical correction.

I stood about six feet from the eye chart mounted on the wall.  I began to bark out the letters on the second line, “C-O-V-I-D-1-9”. She said well done.

I said it’s no coincidence that I’m standing six feet from the chart in light of this pandemic.  I was in America’s heartland where they didn’t believe in this novel virus and for the most part refused to wear masks.

I quickly replaced my mask and kept my six feet distance.  The optometrist gave me an icy stare which evinced her COVID 19 recalcitrance.

Masked But Not Muzzled Photo Courtesy NBC News

Nonetheless, I told her I could not believe how the Republican strategy for this election beseeched voters to go to the polls without masks.  While on the other hand, Democrats pleaded with their constituents to vote early and by mail.

And by all means wear your mask, practice safe distancing and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.  Once the votes were tallied the white tribal war reared its vanilla ice cream head.

President Trump announced vociferously that the election had been stolen although all evidence pointed to the contrary.  The battlefield played out the war between in-person voting (predominantly whites) and voting by mail (predominantly blacks).

Essentially, Trump was blowing his dog whistle for black voter suppression.  Trump presented his case to the courts.  Fifty-nine court cases (and counting) were batted down with Trump’s accusations of voter fraud dismissed.

The optometrist stopped me from continuing.  She said her diagnosis revealed pressure on the “Black eye” was from refracted American light which illuminated my Black insight.  She recommended I go see an optician for eye glasses.

She assured me that these glasses would ultimately refocus my American optics and shut down my Black insight.  As I rolled out, I yelled down the hall, “All shut eyes are not asleep.”   

I continued west bound, feeling a little relieved this would be my last stop for my Black eye examinations.  Once again, my Black eye medical records were emailed ahead of my arrival.

The optician was cordial and friendly.  She firmly believed she had in inventory glasses that would not only fit me but relieve me of my Black insight condition.  She pointed me to the eye exam room.

I was tired of reading American eye charts but she assured me this was the last time.  I sat down and was instructed to put one hand over my left eye and alternate while focusing on the American eye chart.

She told me to read from the third line where the letters were smaller.  Taking time to focus, I began, “J-U-S-T-I-C-E.”  She said that was excellent.  The eruption of my Black insight immediately followed.

I bellowed out I was still waiting to see justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed in her home from a botched no knock Louisville, KY police raid. I said I was still waiting to see justice for all the unarmed killings of black men and women by the police.

With a fine-tooth comb, I was searching for justice for black people incarcerated for drugs, especially marijuana when it is now legal in many states. With historical insight, I was examining the way miscegenation is used by America in appointing black leadership.

She said please stop and continue reading from the chart. I mumbled, “P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S”. I opined the Trump administration employed a political strategy to ignite white genetic fear and have used this as the basis for promulgating their political agenda - for the primary advancement of white men.

Insightful author, Ijeoma Oluo in her book, “MEDIOCRE” writes, “What happens to a country that tells generation after generation of white men they deserve power? What happens when success is defined by status over women and people of color instead of by actual accomplishments?”

I tell you what happens:  America becomes blind while the people begin to see the optical illusion.  I refused the American optical glasses prescribed by the optician.

Photo Courtesy Of Essence Magazine

As jazz singer Etta James proclaimed, “I’d Rather Go Blind” than lose my Black insight for my Black eyesight.  Hindsight is always 20/20 which is where I want to keep this year - in my rear- view mirror - lending clarity to my foresight.

About Tolson Banner - is a writer and columnist. Banner is also the President/CEO of Muzik Xpose: The Digital Radio Entertainment Theater Network. The network streams field hollas, spirituals, gospels, blues, jazz, ragtime, R&B, SOUL, POP, FUNK, NEO-SOUL and AFRO BEATS. Muzik Xpose obliterates genres and showcases all of our music as one life force for spiritual incantations: THE MUSIC OF OUR SOULS! Listen daily on SATIRE. LIVE MUSIC. REAL TALK.

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