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Discover Why HBCU Wellness Consultant Dr. Charles Singleton Thinks Insects Could Hold The Sweet Success Of Beating COVID-19

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Dr. Charles Singleton Suggests Maybe IT’s Just Me, But Chironomids and Honeybees, Dr. Herman Glenn Cooke’s Midges, May Hold The Secrets To A COVID-19 Cure
Herman Glenn Cooke, Entomologist and Zoologist ECSU Photo Credit and Valeria Boltneva’s Pexels

Caution: COVID-19 Alert, The Writer's Disclaimer, Readers And Researchers.  The medical content and causations referred to in this article are for informational purposes ONLY.  Advisement: Consult Your Local Medical Authority for Further Advise.  To date, there are no remedies, vaccines, or medications for  Novel Coronavirus. Currently, medical investigations and various treatments are being clinically tested.  Source: World Health Organization

By Dr. Charles Singleton

Nation and Worldwide, HBCU’s History: Dr. Herman G. Cooke, A Renown and Distinguished African American Scientist, Elizabeth City State University (1961-1977)

Dr. Herman Glenn Cooke (1918-1977),
who touched the lives of many during the 1960s and 1970s at Elizabeth City State College (ECSC), now, Elizabeth City State University (ECSU), Elizabeth City, North Carolina, was professor of biology and a genius of an amazing biological discovery.  Internationally, he was recognized as the discoverer of an unknown species of Chironomid: Chironomidae (very small two-winged, nonbiting lake midges or swamp flies), near the vicinity of Madison, Wisconsin in 1962, so named in his honor. He was an exceptional collegiate professor: highly respected by colleagues, who mentored students; especially student-athletes, and their “academic achievements,” as they successfully completed their college studies and majors.

And now, all over the world, Dr. Cooke’s ground-breaking water research about nonbiting midges is needed “academically and medically,” certainly more than ever before!
 Indeed, most urgently, we need to revisit Dr. Cooke’s swampy lakes and boggy rivers, because of the day-to-day illnesses and accumulative deaths of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Clinically, COVID-19 researchers of etiology (infectious disease causes), immunology (immune system), epidemiology: viral pathogenesis (vaccines development), and other medical investigators, I therefore ask the question.  Could these wetland midges or organisms (anti-bacterial immunity and natural-bodily chemistry defense), that Dr. Cooke discovered help mankind treat, conquer, or cure the coronavirus?

These earthly flying midges are generally an important food source for fish, especially trout and young salmon, dance flies, sectivorous birds, flying predatory creatures, the plant Venus fly trap, and many other aquatic or water dwellers.  Midges and oxygen: Some species of midges are known as 'blood midges'. They contain the red blood pigment 'hemoglobin', which allows them to absorb oxygen from the water more readily. As a result, they can survive, habituate in polluted water with very low levels of oxygen.  --- Various Sources

Article On Dr. Singleton's suggestions that insects and honeybees may hold the secrets to ending the Coronavirus Continues After Sponsor's Message Below...

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Article On Dr. Singleton's suggestions that insects and honeybees may hold the secrets to ending the Coronavirus Continues Below...

Genetically and aquatically, I strongly feel that these species of nonbiting midges (chironomids) may provide a natural remedy and chemical composition (e.g., chloride, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphate, and amino acids, etc.) for treating Covid-19 patients and possibly curing this life threatening disease. Hopefully, there are researchers who will investigate the nonbiting midges to see if there are health sustaining benefits for human beings. Absolutely yes, research, research, research!

Now, in conjunction with “Maybe IT’s Just Me, Chironomids and Bumble Bees,” the word phrase of global pollination comes to mind.
  Honeybees have been on earth for 100 million years plus.  According to various historical data, it is estimated that the life expectancy of these sophisticated Apis bees ranges from six to eight weeks.  “The heavenly food” is the biblical definition of honey.  Over 40 centuries ago in ancient Egypt, citizens often paid their taxes with honey.

These amazing and incredible tribe Apini bees pollinate many crops
 (plants, fruits, vegetables) grown commercially [from] alfalfa to white clover; asparagus to vegetable seeds.  And the honey that bees make never spoils because of its biological makeup and low pH: the amount of acidity or alkalinity in a fluid. Honey has a “forever shelf life.”  It is hygroscopic and supersaturated in perfect condition!  Honey evaporates the water from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, which causes them to shrivel up, explode or die. See the chemistry of honey by clicking here

Interesting and furthermore, and in other words, life without honeybees, Albert Einstein said,
 “If the honeybees disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more honeybees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”  Honeybees are mysteriously disappearing from earth.  --- Life Without Bees? Buzzing About “Honeybees,” Rozalyn McCrary Todd, “Bee Guardian” Hobbyist Beekeeper, Panola Mountain State Park, April 25, 2014, Stockbridge, Georgia.

Look at Both 
Natural And Man-Made Global warming, and the unexpected invisible biological and aquatic discovery named COVID-19: An Airborne Illness Possibility, Aerodynamically Fashioned With Transmittable Omnipresence (AAIPADFWTOP).  And yes, I believe the ongoing globally- tropical and raging forest fires of Australia 2019, the Amazon rainforest 2019 fires in Brazil, Bolivia and Indonesia; along with the ongoing California fire disasters and fires elsewhere killed millions of honeybees, chironomids, and other natural earthly inhabitants friendlier to man.  As a result, the Covid-19 pandemic emerged as a catastrophe.  Once again, medical researchers, see if a combination of midges (DNA), honey, sweet (life) everlasting, ginger root, elderberry, sassafras; healthy diet, exercise, a topical analgesic, cough suppressant, nasal decongestant, acetaminophen, doxylamine succinate; multiple vitamins, plus vitamin C and vitamin B12 injections; zinc and other nutrients could cure COVID-19, or improve the immunity system in humans.  And remember, nonbiting midges’ survival in polluted waters (bacteria protected?), and honey does not spoil.  Amazing Facts And The Health Benefits of Honey, by Dr. Eric Berg, 3/11/2017, DC: Click Here or see video below... 

The Benefits Of Raw Honey

Researchers learn more about length of COVID-19 symptoms, treatments by CBC News: The National: Click Here. 

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