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Discover Why The Shadow... It's closer than you Think.

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Be Warned: The SHADOW... It's Closer Than You Think
By JV Howard

The moment we show up in the universe we are on a timeline with events, milestones, anniversaries , discovery, challenges, etc, which may occur immediately, or sooner than later, with some forthcoming. Yet, as the cliche goes; time flies and what seemed distance all of a sudden - to our amazement - appear “closer than we think.”

The monticule before us is the dogged pursuit to be a paragon of excellence during the major or minor paradigm shift we experience during our journey. As we traverse the timeline of life events your contribution to humanity, whether cardinal or spiritual, will be summarized during the reading of your eulogy not your curriculum vitae.

How it's read then depends on your body of work now. Full disclosure: Get busy! The end games for humanity, the planet, and our “own mortality” is on the menu of the penumbra. Too engrossed in the vicissitudes of life we have become oblivious to the Shadow who - in plain site - sits at the door with ghastly connotations.

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Article On The Shadow - It's Closer Than You Think Continues After Ozone Hole Video Below...

In terms of one’s mortality life expectancy hover around 70 plus, most claim 100 with the tongue, reality tempers expectations somewhere in between. Father time is meticulous with every nanosecond of our existence with his proverbial stopwatch.

Mother nature throws a calorific temperature tantrum buoyed by plutonic and volcanic actions. Her mission; a seismic wake up before tectonic plates restructure the planet - don’t take her for granted.

To be clear the Shadow, father time, mother nature, and man made algorithms chase us like an echo reverberating throughout every phase of lives. Full transparency; there is no escape.

You don’t have to be the archetype pessimists or hybrid optimists to believe the end is nigh but ignore at your own peril the crash algorithms - that includes us - in play:

(1) infrastructure failure,

(2) abuse of global natural resources,

(3) animal kingdom annihilation,

(4) institutional incompetence, and

(5) the abysmal dearth of empathy toward each other...think “lock em up.”

While world leaders troll, sports team tank, whistle-blowers confess, and crowds chant “ lock em up” our incarceration to a hostile planet and bewildered humanity is proving self induced and we have to own it...”ok Boomer.”

With respect and dismay Millennial and Gen X have been wretched and contemptible of boomers with fake tans, teeth whiteners, Botox, and out right ignorance of the humanity quandary. We have authorized by default the outsourcing of our obligation - as curators of the planet - for a zero carbon footprint to millennial who must now crowd source the global community to cease global leadership malfeasance. Greta Thumberg has garnered international recognition in this effort.

To dissect this quandary we must first recognize we live in a world where living entities (humans, animals, and insects) are either becoming irrelevant, digitized, or extinct while non-living entities are precipitously spiking. Driverless cars, pilotless planes, bank less tellers, keyless doors, and heartless leaders, are fast becoming the furniture of our times.

AI (artificial intelligence) has the potential to cast an ominous shadow as Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant remind you of the 10k steps you missed.   The steps you missed - in life - are critical as time is an elusive commodity.

Father time's stop watch reminds us of the reset value of redemption. To redeem the dreams we hold dear and true; to redeem probable regrets before they become permanent, and to redeem the closure between who we are and who the Almighty put US here to be.

More than ever (and like it or not) we are here to be our brother’s keeper, the planets curator, and humanities steward.  The cancel culture - a new phenomenon - fails woefully as the elephant in the room has since moved outside with climate change casting a huge shadow. As an outlier of sorts its becoming too late for amnesty as the next generation seek to raise a “under new management sign” on the planet’s billboard.

Helicopter Pouring Water On California Wild Fire Due To Drought From Global Warming. Pic Courtesy FEMA 
In the abdication of our duties to the planets species consider the animal kingdom where elephants numbers dropped 62% in the past decade and trending to be extinct by next decade end; 1500 birds are extinct already, the bee community is endangered, and sea mammals are drowning and washing up on shores inexplicably. We lose 36 millions trees a year, the Amazon burns as you read this, HIV has mutated again and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) issued a strategic premonition that the World is NOT ready for a pandemic. Clearly we stand at the precipice as multiple warning flag us on multiple fronts.

Though far less responsible for climate change, African Americans are significantly more vulnerable to its effects than non- Hispanic whites. Health, housing, economic well-being, culture, and social stability are impacted from climate change. 
The six states with the highest African American population are all in the Atlantic hurricane zone, and are expected to experience more intense storms resembling Katrina and Rita in the future:

• Global warming is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of heat waves or extreme heat events. African Americans suffer heat death at one hundred fifty to two hundred percent of the rate for non-Hispanic whites.

• Seventy-one percent of African Americans live in counties in violation of federal air pollution standards, as compared to fifty-eight percent of the white population. Seventy-eight percent of African Americans live within thirty miles of a coal-fired power plant, as compared to fifty-six percent of non-Hispanic whites.

• Asthma has strong associations with air pollution, and African Americans have a thirty-six(36%) percent higher rate of incidents of asthma than whites. Asthma is three times as likely to lead to emergency room visits or deaths for African Americans.

• In 2006, twenty percent of African Americans had no health insurance, including fourteen percent of African American children—nearly twice the rate of non-His- panic whites.

• Racist stereotypes have been shown to reduce aid donations and impede service delivery to African Americans in the wake of hurricanes, floods, fires and other climate-related disasters as compared to non-Hispanic whites in similar circumstances.

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction.

Why? Full disclosure, complete transparency, and no BS...we don't have a what to do problem. We have a getting it done problem.

We wait until everything has to be hacked, which means it's all overdue then you have to hack back to a fix it - the planet, your brother, and yes our mortality. Look it's too much.

At the end of the day the Shadow is really really close. Don't look back... Ok Boomer!

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