Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Famed Hollywood Actor Kene Holliday Is Inviting An Audience To Witness Rarity In Theatre The Birth Of A New Show Depicting Life of Miles Davis

Famed Hollywood Actor Kene Holliday Is Inviting An Audience To Witness A Rarity In Theatre The Birth Of A New Show Depicting The Life of Miles Davis 
Kene Holliday (Left) depicts jazz legend Miles Davis (right) 
Kene Holliday was born in Harlem, NYC, raised in Amityville, has been writing, teaching, acting and performing on stages large and small for over 50 years and now leads the Moto Theatre Works

New York, New York – Famed Hollywood Actor Kene Holliday is inviting an audience in NYC to witness a rarity in Theatre with the birth of a new show depicting the Life of Miles Davis. Kene Holliday is known to most people for his role as Private Investigator Tyler Hudson on the Matlock Television series co-starring with Andy Griffith.

Kene holliday is inviting attendees to witness the birth of a new show. The show will be presented on October 29th 2019 at the Castillo Theatre located at 543 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10035. The show will begin at 7:00 pm. Free Admission Reservations Required!

Kene Holliday will be presenting an enactment of the life of a man we have all known and admired for his musical genius “Mr. Miles Davis! Many have known of Miles, but few have seen behind the veil Miles erected between himself and the world at large.”

Kene Holliday “So please join me as I will present Miles in his own words. Many of your questions about Miles and his music will be answered.  Join me as I delve into the life of Miles Davis” and the creative process of “The Black Master of Music: Thank You! Kene!“

Article On Kene Holliday Bringing The Story Of Miles Davis to The Castillo Theatre Continues After Miles Davis Video Below...

Kene Holliday American actor of stage, film, television first became well known for his co-starring appearance on the Television Sit-Com Carter Country from 1977 through 1979. Upon closing of that show Kene appeared in numerous television shows, for example, Kojak; What’s Happening!!; The Incredible Hulk; Quincy, M.E.; Lou Grant; Soap and the spin off where he played he played Benson’s brother Eddie; the Jeffersons, Hope and Faith, The Wayans Brothers Show, and Sparks, Spark, and Sparks, Fall Guy and Hart to Hart.

He Co-starred with Victor French and Vernee Watson on Carter Country. He additionally guest-starred in Roots: The Next Generation and he was the voice of the character Roadblock in the animated series G.I. Joe and 1987 G.I. Joe the Movie.

In 1985, he co-starred with James Woods, Larry Riley and Richard Brooks in Badge of Assassin. In 1986 while doing a voice-over for Roadblock he got a call from Film Executives Fred Silverman and Dean Hargrove to let him know he was the first choice to play Matlock’s Private Investigator on Matlock TV series opposite veteran actor Andy Griffith.

In 2009 he Co-starred with Pat Healy in Craig Zobel’s directorial Debut “Great World of Sound” which received numerous independent film awards. For reservations for the upcoming “Miles Davis…. In His Own Words” call the Castillo Theatre at: (212) 941-1234

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