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Hair Care Line Helps Grow Beards and Thinning Hair

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Angela Brown, founder of D'Serv Professional Hair Care Products
D'Serv Products Has Helped So Many People Who Gave Up on Healthy Hair

Nationwide -- D'Serv Professional Hair Care Products was manufactured, invented by Angela Brown and launched in 2016. As an African American, she believes that education is key to understanding what makes the hair shed and grow. She has been a salon hair stylist for 38 years, and author of her second self-published book, How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair.

Prior before, the healthy hair guru gained her humble beginnings in 2011 in her small salon suite in Memphis, Tennessee. By hiring a local chemist, and educating herself on what product ingredients truly stopped massive shedding they went to work.

The chemist explained that it was all up to Angela to study, and research each product that she wanted to use. Determined to achieve her first product goal she was in the chemist kitchen and her first product was born.

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Mrs. Brown began mixing and bottling her top seller as of today the Damage Reversal Elixir Oil. The first name was simple called the Vitamin E Oil. One of her clients had Cancer, and Angela's product was a slam dunk, the product grew her hair back in weeks to a few months!

Clients began shipping her own products out to family and friends, and encouraged her to make more products, and to turn it into a business. Angela was used to representing other hair care lines but often the performance never lasted. This healthy hair stylist, author, and motivational speaker needed some motivation herself!

In 2015, she was selling to locals, but making very little money, and her marketing skills was very poor, as well as her social media skills. Confused, and financial issues she didn't let that stop her; Angela believes (FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT RULE)!

The art of networking started working for her she became a hair and scalp specialist for a billion-dollar company Nioxin in 2014. The customers got great results, and later the product was dormmate. With no choice but to walk away, she found a company in Memphis called Communities Unlimited a grant funded non-profited company. They helped to build the structure of her company.

Excited about getting a loan of 300,000, this new business woman started creating and adding on products a total of four. Short lived by the new loan the company offered a new amount 16,000.

Angela's heart sank and she believed if Jesus feed 5,000 people with a few fish and loaves of bread well she could do the same! I was amazed how she came up with the name D'Serv her name came from God, she was watching David Tutera a big celebrity party and wedding planner, he told the bride to open her eyes to witness her dream wedding, and she opened her eyes and said "I DON'T DESERVE THIS". 

David told her that she did. Tears rolled down Angela's cheeked, and like a good gospel song D'Serv was born. She opened her mouth and said "Everyone Deserves A Second Chance at Healthy Hair". Her graphic artist owner of Heros Foot Wear Jamien Sills dropped both the e's, because he said that she was a server.

About the new launch
The journey began little money, and no knowledge of how to get the products in front of the right buyer and salon professionals. She had a light bulb that went off she asked Chris the manager at C&B Beauty Supply in Memphis Tn., to please place her products on his shelf and do an end cap. He replied no over ten times, and finally said "yes"! D'Serv made it, and it has helped someone after Cancer their chemo drug had a side effect that she would never get her hair back, D'Serv had her hair growing in two weeks! D'Serv gained so much love with salon professionals in Nashville Tn., the treatment system is called D'Serv Smoothening & Strengthening Amino Treatment Spray, it wowed them! It amazingly stops 80-100% of shedding the same day! I asked Angela what are all the benefits to her product line she explained all her products are concentrate, and natural for all textures! You will get moisture, keep your natural curls, and grow your hair thick and full! Men can get that full beard and it will feel very soft at the same time. Angela left me with just bravo, she also launched her latest product D'Serv Apple Cider Strengthening Rise that stops shedding in ten minutes, and detoxifies your hair and scalp. Her passion for strengthening hair follicles is endless, a slow rise, but determined to stay in the game!

The next move for the hair loss generation
D'Serv was interviewed in a local newspaper owned by Communities Unlimited, they explained how proud that they are of this Memphian who had very little to work with and resources. The write up is very detailed and puts her where she should be on a platform of her many accomplishments. D'Serv is now in three Memphis stores, C&B Beauty Supply, Essentials Beauty Supply, and Taylor Made Beauty Supply! D'Serv has a retail, and Professional line, and barbers / salons can make extra money behind the chair. Angela's passion is to fill salon chairs back up and give hope again in the salons again! In 2017, Anita Matthews owner of Elements of ChicDesigns in Nashville Tn. came aboard and helped build the brand as an educator and mentor! Later Perry C. Brown joined the management team, and other team members Adrienne Hughes, Lakeesha Butler, Herman Taylor, Theodore Chisom and many others! D'Serv now has an established Dream Team, and travels, to tradeshows, and many more quality things to come in the near future! Ending I truly believe Angela Brown found out how to make a lot of business moves with very little! She has gone through, many no's, doubters, and people who have crossed her, but the secret inside her it only makes her strong. Her revenge has always been success!
Learn more at via the official web site at or follow the brand on Instagram at @dservhealthyhair

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