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Get The Scoop On How A Loving Mom Motivates Her Son To Overcome His Fears And Become A Pilot

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Devoted Mom Motivates Her
Son To Face His Fears And

Exclusive Article And Interview by
Kamau Austin with
William Inlaw and Tanika Inlaw-Chambers

16-year old William Inlaw's dreams are literally taking flight.  He is driven to soar high in his life's pursuits. For William losing altitude in his aspirational pursuits isn't an option.

Much of William's inspiration comes from his mom Tanika Inlaw-Chambers, who has challenged him to achieve lofty heights.  She has helped motivate him to ultimately face his fears - so the skies are the limit in his life now!  This has inspired the young man to propel himself towards his inflight goals of: becoming a licensed airplane pilot this Summer.

It has been reported that up to 40% of Americans have a fear of flying.  It is therefore, exceptional that young William Inlaw, not only has overcome the natural anxiety many people have of flying, but has gone a step further to pilot himself to actually embrace flying a plane. 

William's aspirations aren't just elevating him beyond his personal anxieties about flying but he is hovering above a backdrop of the rarity of Blacks in aviation.  According to the Chicago Times, and other reputable media sources, there are reportedly only 2.2% to 3.5% of Black pilots in the US.

Obviously, it would be a good thing for Blacks to have more representation in the aviation industry in general - and therefore a good thing to help see him succeed.  William and his mom Tanika, are looking to have him reach - the rare achievement of a Black teenager becoming a licensed airplane pilot.

Before you see the exclusive interview with William and his mother Tanika, we want to point a couple of things out.  The ambitious teenager and his mom are looking for other visionary people in our community and world to help them reach his piloting goals.  They are organizing an online crowdfunding venture and also a fundraising event with great incentives.

If you'd like to support William Inlaw, in his aspirational efforts to gain his pilot's license then you can make a donation or RSVP to attend his Special Take Wing fundraising event.

A Early Picture Of William's Influences
The 1st Black To Own a
Billion Dollar Business Reginald Lewis

and Airplane Model in Background
I was able to convince the dynamic duo of William and his mom Tanika, to do an exclusive interview with me on his goal of becoming a licensed airplane pilot.  Checkout the intriguing interview of this son and mom team looking to take-off together towards his success in piloting in aviation and business.

Video & Exclusive Interview On
William Inlaw Soaring HIGH To
 Achieve His Pilot License
Continues After
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Video & Exclusive Interview On
William Inlaw Soaring HIGH To
Achieve His Pilot License
Continues Below...

Thank you Tanika and William for taking the time out of your busy schedules to do an Interview with me.  You have an exciting story!

Kamau's Question: Tanika and William, can you tell me a little about your backgrounds? Tanika like where you grew up and William maybe the area where he goes to school?

William and Tanika's Answer: William lives in Manhattan and goes to public school on the upper west side of Manhattan.

Kamau's Question: Who or what inspired you to take the leap of faith and work towards being a licensed airplane pilot?

William's Answer: My mom. She wanted me to face fear and fly so I did.

Kamau's Question: What type of training William will you need to become a licensed airplane pilot?

William's Answer: I need at least 40 hours of flying and to pass a written test.

Kamau's Question: Can you tell us about some of your goals and plans for the future with your pilot's license?

William's Answer: Well, my first goal is to become a private pilot. I plan on attending Howard University, the college my sister Summer goes to, and owning a successful business.

Kamau's Question: Tanika what drives you to be so supportive of Williams aspiration to be an airplane pilot?

William and Tanika's Answer: My grandmother, her dream was to have a pilot in the family. She is no longer with us but her dream will be fulfilled.

Kamau's Question: What is the best way to support Williams goals and dreams of becoming an airplane pilot?

William and Tanika's Answer:  
Right now, we are raising money to have William complete his Aviation School. He is determined to make it and I am going to support him at all costs!

Let's make this happen.  You can support William's efforts to gain his pilot's license when you make a donation or attend his special fundraising event.

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