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Get The Scoop On How Darryl Efford The Bandmember Of Inspirational Band SENSERE Overcomes A Life-Altering Accident

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Renowned Inspirational Soulful Band SENSERE Shares Triumphant Story of Their Bandmember
Darryl Efford after 
Life-Altering Accident

Darryl Efford, member of the hit inspirational soulful band Sensere.

[MIAMI, FL] May 31, 2023 –   SENSERE, the renowned inspirational soulful band, shared the triumphant story of one of their band members, Darryl Efford after a life-altering accident that occurred on July 7, 2020.

Despite facing numerous challenges during his recovery, Efford's unwavering determination and faith propelled him back onto the stage, inspiring fans and fellow musicians alike.

The unfortunate incident took place on the same evening as Sensere's practice session when a pedestrian unexpectedly ran in front of Efford's vehicle, resulting in a collision. Efford suffered multiple injuries, including a broken right wrist, which required three screws and a plate for stabilization, as well as a fractured left femur in eight places, necessitating the placement of a metal rod. Additionally, he endured the pain of a broken wisdom tooth.

Compounded by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Efford faced his recovery journey without the presence of visitors during his hospital stay.

Determined to reunite with his family at the earliest opportunity, Efford embarked on a fast-paced recovery, defying initial expectations. The severity of his injuries left him uncertain about the possibility of remaining in the popular group, Sensere, singing, performing, dancing and walking again, but his unwavering spirit motivated him to persevere through the darkest thoughts.

Months of dedicated effort in rehabilitation allowed Efford to regain his strength and mobility. With each passing day, he became more resolved to not only reclaim his ability to perform but to live a fuller life once fully recovered.

The accident proved to be a profound test for his wife, who assumed responsibility for managing the household in his absence. She tirelessly supported him during the initial stages of his rehabilitation, and his brother and sister stepped in to provide further assistance.

Just one day after his surgery, Efford expressed his strong desire to return to the stage as soon as possible. His first performance back with his Sensere bandmembers was met with challenges, as he grappled with the physical changes resulting from his injuries.

SENSERE Bandmembers L to R: Tre'von Watson, (In back row) - Dirk Taylor, Levi Knowles, Timothy Wimberly, Darryl Efford, Brian Williams, and James "JDubb" Wright (front).

Article On The Triumphant Story of SENSERE Bandmember Darryl Efford Overcoming his Life-Altering Accident Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On The Triumphant Story of SENSERE Bandmember Darryl Efford Overcoming his Life-Altering Accident Continues Below...

However, through his unwavering dedication and commitment, each subsequent performance showcased his remarkable progress, with audiences unable to discern any difference in his dance moves.

Efford, also an esteemed teacher, surprised his colleagues and students with his speedy recovery. Colleagues expressed astonishment at his resilience, and Efford's remarkable journey inspired his students, who witnessed firsthand the power of perseverance and faith.

The accident had a profound impact on Efford's personal life as well. After seven years of marriage, he and his wife were reminded of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing each other.

The challenging circumstances forged a deeper connection between them, and they emerged stronger, with a renewed appreciation for their bond.

The accident also prompted Efford to draw closer to his faith. Convinced that he had been spared for a greater purpose, he was determined to return to the stage and offer his praise to God despite his injury and the accident.

Efford's unwavering conviction serves as an inspiration to all those facing adversity, showcasing the power of faith and the ability to find strength even in the face of near-fatal circumstances.

As Efford reflects on his journey, he occasionally finds it necessary to remind himself of the magnitude of the accident and his remarkable survival. His incredible story stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own paths to recovery.

Sensere is delighted to welcome Darryl Efford back into the fold, and his incredible strength and determination continue to shine as a beacon of inspiration for the band's fans and supporters worldwide.

About Sensere
Sensere is a renowned gospel band known for their soul-stirring performances and powerful message of hope and faith. With a unique blend of contemporary gospel, R&B, and soulful melodies, the band has captivated audiences globally. Sensere's music transcends boundaries and touches hearts, inspiring listeners to embrace their true purpose and embrace the power of love.

The chart-topping inspirational soulful band infectious and soulful new single, 'L.O.V.E.,' spreading hope and unity to the world continues to soar on the Billboard chart.

The timely track’s message of love and togetherness is buzzing everywhere!

With its catchy chorus, powerful lyrics and ‘feel-good’ rhythms, SENSERE reaffirms to us that we are in this all together and the answer is L.O.V.E. 

It’s quotable lyrics, What the world needs forever is love.. L.O.V.E - God is Love, Hug someone and tell them it’s all Love…..,” combined with smooth vocals, horn-heavy soul, and its signature funky beat on the track is already on its way to being a ‘classic’ soulful masterpiece.

L.O.V.E. produced by hitmaker and founding member James “JDubb” Wright and written by James “JDubb” Wright, Brian Williams, Gerald Jones and Levi Knowles offers a powerful, inclusive musical message of love and togetherness.

SENSERE is known for combining electrifying elements of soulful rhythms with their exquisite harmonies and full-bodied sounds are great storytellers.

The band never fails to entertain and amaze their fans. They are humbled to have a dedicated following that often travels to see them, and in many cases, fans will plan their vacation or work schedule around an appearance of the electrifying group. 

The 7 current members of the band are vocalists and musicians. Founding member, James “JDubb” Wright, has always been on a mission to share the band’s message of love and hope to the world. Wright and the members of the group’s dedication to the music, their creative writing, and message continues to be at the forefront of what they do.

Wright says, “We are so happy, L.O.V.E. is resonating with everyone." ” “What the world truly needs is always more love.”

SENSERE's blockbuster hit, “Win,” along with "Come Around" ft. Anesha Birchett, "Higher" ft. Lisa Knowles, and "My Hope," cemented them as chart-topping artists.

The group’s notable singles include "Got Jesus," "Do It," "Been Good" ft. The Williams Singers, "Holding On," "Dance,” and the remake of the group’s biggest musical influences, Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Fantasy.”

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry and a career first by entering the Billboard Top 30 at #29 with their single, “Win,” on the Gospel Airplay chart and #23 on the Mediabase Gospel Radio chart.

Each year, the group tours the United States, playing to sold out crowds all over the states.

L.O.V.E. by SENSERE is a ‘must-have,’ in your playlist and now available on all digital streaming platforms.

You can follow Sensere on their social media on:

Instagram @officialsensere
Twitter / Facebook @Sensere

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