Thursday, July 14, 2022

Lawyer Who Owns Black-Owned Production Company Inks Major Deal For Streaming Content Development

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Raye Mitchell, a University of Southern California, MBA and Harvard Law School trained lawyer and the co-founder of The Bossology® 53 Entertainment LLC, a Black-owned content production company, has signed a first-of-its-kind content strategy and development deal to develop a docu-series about entrepreneurship for the Bad A** Leaders™ (BAL) franchise owned by MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc.

Bossology® 53 is co-founded by Raye Mitchell and Olympic Gold Medalist and former WNBA player, Cindy Brown, OLY. It is a fast-growing multi-platform content production company launched in 2022, but based on years of experience in publishing, content production, intellectual property management, and the entertainment industry.

BAL is the hot brand that delivers unconventionality for the unconventional leaders dominating today’s leadership playing field, but who are not getting the leadership development training and content they want from the traditional leadership training space. BAL is designed for the everyday leaders of Main Street USA.

BAL is so unconventional that it cannot share its name here, but a fast visit to opens the doors to the BAL’s secrets to its success. BAL is a trademark-protected maverick franchise that is the mastermind of Michelle D. Reines and the owner of MDR Coaching and Consulting, Inc, Reines, an accomplished author and speaker, creates explosive and high-demand training and leadership engagement products and books that are upending traditional notions of who can be an exceptional leader.

Article On Raye Mitchell co-founder of The Bossology® 53 Entertainment LLC Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On Raye Mitchell Co-founder of The Bossology® 53 Entertainment LLC Continues Below...

As an entertainment lawyer, Mitchell first began working in 2019 with Reines and the BAL franchise guiding the team’s intellectual property strategy, legal matters, and as a strategist and supporting the Reines’ book now available on Amazon. Mitchell secured a major trademark victory for MDR Coaching & Consulting after an intense trademark dispute with the United States Trademark and Patent Office and a competing brand.

As a content producer Boss Girl Raye Mitchell and Olympic Gold Medalist Cindy Brown, OLY launched Bossology® 53 Entertainment LLC, the teams began work on new deals to expand the collaboration and reach of the BAL Leader brand and unique offerings.

“It has been a perfect fit from day one,” Mitchell adds. “The Bossology® 53 content production team and the BAL franchise stand for transcending traditional thinking about who is a storyteller, content creator, and who is a leader, and both brands reset outdated norms and create compelling content that guards and respects our collective dignity and is from, about, and for all unheard voices and communities,” Mitchell states.

The shared vision of the two companies is about reaching a new level of audience engagement and catering to a new breed of content consumers looking to have fun, but also excel, create, lead, and engage independent thinking in leadership training, and streaming content. The new deal will develop new shows and content that capture the stories of the BAL franchise spirit and members.

The BAL brand was designed for everyday leaders, Main Street, not Wall Street. The platform and shows will deliver a seriously fun and impactful approach to building high-performance musketeer teams from CEOs to the neighborhood small business owner. “We embrace those who ride the frontlines of change, the heroes who serve and protect our country, who build our world and heal and feed our families; and to the everyday leaders who bring adventure and play into the lives of many,” Michelle comments.

“Closing a first-look content deal like this marks a monumental accomplishment for our firebrand,” Michelle further adds. “This journey started in 2019 with the launch of my first book and now we are quickly expanding high-growth markets across the U.S. reaching professional athletes, celebrities, and more importantly the everyday leaders of Main Street USA. We are a big tent and welcoming all.”

She added: “This diversified content deal with Bossology provides immediate scale and access to operating efficiencies, strategic alliances and is high potential for investment firms to champion innovation in the streaming content universe. “We are now actively seeking strategic investors, sponsors, and collaboration opportunities throughout the leadership and professional sports leadership training sectors,” Mitchell adds.

“Our client Michelle and the BAL team are a pleasure to work with, and we are excited they chose us to help them capitalize on the brand opportunities in content, streaming media, and more fan and user engagement forums,” Mitchell stated. “With the size of this expansive portfolio and multiple product potentials of the Bossology brand and the BAL brand across the nation and globally, this is a true team effort to collaborate where these dynamically diverse apex competitors lead. The BAL and the Bossology53 names are edgy for a reason,” Mitchell concludes. Visitors to will learn the backstory and learn how to start a bold new content journey.

About Bossology® 53 Entertainment LLC
Raye Mitchell and Cindy Brown are working together to reset outdated norms and create compelling content that guards and respects our dignity and is from, about, and for the unheard voices of all communities. Their stories are intended to engage, educate, spark action and reach across divides, but respect the unique contributions they make as African American women. In all cases, the notions of dignity and humanity have no boundaries. Bossology® 53 Entertainment LLC exists to change the narrative about what is great storytelling and who can be great storytellers. They help professionals and those in the creative community bring their content to life, either through book writing, coaching, intellectual property, branding resources, or production and content deals.

About Raye Mitchell
Raye Mitchell is an award-winning author, philanthropist, and intellectual property strategist with a fierce competition addition in the fight to help anyone and everyone produce, protect, and tell their stories to the masses and be heard.™ Boss Girl Raye is a graduate of Harvard Law School, earned her MBA from USC Marshall School of Business, and her BS from USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. She has a particular passion for helping individuals, corporations, and people as a dignity expert, reputations consultant, book writing coach, and content producer.

About Cindy Brown, OLY.
Cindy Brown is a professional sports expert and proud member of the World Olympic Associations (WOA) celebrating the connective power of the international community of Olympians who are committed to the Olympic Movement to use their platform to create positive social change. The designation of OLY is like the PhD or MD credential and represents the years of hard work, dedication, and promotion of Olympic values. Part of the name of the company reflects Cindy Brown’s number 53, record-setting accomplishments at California State University, Long Beach State (1983-87): Cindy Brown, while playing at California State University at Long Beach with jersey number 53.

About Michelle D. Reines and The Bad A** Leaders™ Leadership Franchise
Multi-brand entrepreneur Michelle D. Reines designed and developed The BAL leadership concept. The brand exists to meet the unmet needs of the everyday leader, from up-and-coming leaders to multi-segment business owners.

Regardless of industry, the BAL brand equips non-traditional leaders, mavericks, even those with unconventional paths into leadership, sports professionals, athletes, and so-called blue-collar leaders, with the competence and confidence they have earned to supercharge their journey to chart their own course as architects of their unique brand of leadership command. From leaders who were prematurely written off, deemed undesirables, and never finished traditional formal educational tracks, to those who did, and found them to be uninspiring or unrelatable.

The BAL franchise stands out as distinctive in look, feel, and message, it strives to be the top leadership resource supporting everyday leaders who serve Main Street.

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