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Learn Why Will Smith’s Slap Has Brainy Implications and Lessons for All Society

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Will Smith’s Reptilian Brain Response, The Slap, Implications and Lessons for All Human Beings Living on Planet Earth 2022, and Beyond?
Photo Credit | Will Smith appears to slap Chris Rock onstage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on March 27, 2022, in Hollywood, California: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.  Melanie Mcfarland, Mediaproxy, Salon News, March 28, 2022

By HBCU ECSU Author, Clinical and Wellness Consultant, Dr. Charles L. Singleton

Violence in any form is not acceptable.  Unfortunately, this behavior of violent tendency is a biological option of human life and behaviors connected to genetics.  

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars after joke at wife Jada Pinkett Smith's expense | ABC7. See here:

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock, Really Shameful and Emotionally Painful to Watch: Actor Will Smith Slapped comedian Chris Rock at 94th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Sunday,
March 27, 2022.  When I saw Oscar nominee Will Smith walking toward Chris Rock, I thought it was a part of the Academy Awards ceremony, produced by Will Packer and Shayla Cowan, and directed by Glenn Weiss.

Unfortunately, this emotionally aggressive egregious-nauseating act was absolutely reptilian!  As previously written, from birth, you have the innate or natural ability to control your emotions, especially anger.  “There Is Nothing New Under the Sun” - Ecclesiastes 1:4-11.

Recently, on Friday July 23, 2021, I wrote the following about a local South Carolina United Methodist Church (UMC) Retired Pastor, Reverend Nathaniel A. 'Drip' Evans, Jr.  Pastor Evans enumerated that, "There is nothing new under the sun. Ever since the beginning of time and throughout the millenniums and the world in which we live, human behavior is simply repeated over and over again.

Really, the only thing that has changed is the inventions of more deadly weapons (worldwide). Yes, our human tongues, and the thoughtless words we say are the deadliest weapons of verbal mass destruction, since the beginning of earthly times." Therefore, my friends, You Decide!  Please remember, "If this is to be, then it is up to me!" --- Public Domain

Indeed, it is certainly without doubt, the intellectual human mind (organ) also has the primal frontal cortex (modern brain) and basal ganglia (reptilian brain), which helps us to control innate behavioral patterns of impulsivity: instinctiveness, involuntary movements, and survival. Examples: a reptilian response includes behavioral characteristics of snakes, lizards, and crocodiles’ behaviors (cold-blooded attacks and violence with no apologies). A better primal thought would be not to act like a carnivorous crocodile by thoughtlessly slapping another person; savagely attacking and recklessly shooting a human being or intentionally killing someone because you have the right to exercise your freedom within your self-space (as far as you can reach, 360 degrees, and as loud as you can whisper).

Also, Something To Think About!  Therefore, I am suggesting that everyone read and learn about human emotional intelligence. If civil rights protestors in Selma, Alabama, 57 years ago (1965), while crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge, slapped the Alabama state troopers who brutally attacked them, what would have been the consequences of our U. S. A. society today?  Facing a plethora of citizens' harassments, and being beaten by law officials’ nightsticks, and tear-gassed repeatedly, these brave citizens were nonviolent in their responsive behavior.

Thanks, Chris Rock for using restraint and his primal frontal cortex (modern brain) and basal ganglia: "Fight-or-Flight," An Alarm Reaction, Chris Rock decided to use emotional intelligence after being slapped unexpectedly by Will Smith.

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Article On Will Smith's Slap Of Chris Rock Has Many Lessons for All People Continues Below...

Dr Charles L. Singleton Photo (Left)      Photo Credit I Brain Pixel Images (Right)

Readers, let it be known that human genetics of living organisms are dependent on consistent blood flow throughout the living body. Therefore, when an individual is angry, blood rushes to his or her feet, hands and mouth. 

Thus, making it extremely easy for a person to kick, hit or say something that is painfully irreversible and frightening. This type of death-driven behavior is common among all human beings. 

Furthermore, the inappropriate human response continually threatens each of us daily, as we live.

Learn More. John Lewis: The Selma To Montgomery Marches | MLK | TIME - Youtube

Bloody Sunday, Peaceful Nonviolent Marchers from Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Sunday, March 7, 1965 

Selma 1965: Selma 50 years later: Remembering Bloody Sunday - Youtube 

"Participant Perspective: Effects of Exercise Intervention on Aging Related Motor Decline by Charles Singleton, D.Ed." CVNR Newsletter Winter 2015 at CVNR_Newsletter_Winter 2015_FinalEdition_FEB2015.pdf (

Currently, Georgia Writers Association's Dr. Singleton is a participant in Georgia Tech’s Assistive Robotics smart homes research studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a clinical and wellness consultant at the Atlanta VA Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CVNR). Singleton serves as one of the advisors on the CVNR Community Advisory Panel (CAP). This advisory group works in collaboration with the Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC), Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. This prolific author was the Atlanta VA Health Care System (VAHCS) Research Volunteer of The Year Award Recipient for 2019-2020.

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Will Smith and Chris Rock  Revisit John Legend & Common "Glory" LIVE at Edmund Pettus Bridge

See and Review. John Legend & Common "Glory" LIVE at Edmund Pettus Bridge - Youtube.

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