Friday, May 21, 2021

Riveting New Book By Lisa M. Sanchez "Looking For Love In A Garbage Can" Is Recently Featured On Fox Soul's The Book Of Sean

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Author Lisa M. Sanchez
Shares Personal and Powerful Journey to Healing In Her Book,
"Looking for Love in a Garbage Can"
On Fox Soul TV’s Hit Show
“The Book of Sean!”

Author Lisa M. Sanchez author of "Looking for Love in a Garbage Can: A Journey of Healing -- How I Survived an Alcoholic Environment," recently guest appeared on The Book of Sean Show hosted by Sean McMillan streaming on Fox Soul TV.

The dynamic storyteller talked candidly about her journey of healing and how she survived an alcoholic environment on the hit talk show.  The Book of Sean on Fox Soul TV is an inspiring and riveting show that tackles topics and conversations at the forefront of the black community with an unwavering commitment to spirituality and insight.

To connect with Lisa M. Sanchez, email her at

Article On Lisa M. Sanchez and her book "Looking for Love in a Garbage Can," Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On Lisa M. Sanchez And Her Book "Looking For Love In A Garbage Can," Continues Below...

About Lisa M. Sanchez
Lisa is the author of "Looking for Love in a Garbage Can: A Journey of Healing -- How I Survived an Alcoholic Environment."  The powerful and personal book chronicles Lisa's journey of healing.

Raised in a violent, dysfunctional, alcoholic environment, Lisa did not recognize the impact her home life had on her self-worth, self-esteem, confidence and relationship choices until she was well into her forties.

After a terrible breakup in 2007, Lisa realized then that she needed to look within for healing.

Part One: She revisited her past and made peace with it. Part Two: She examined her relationship choices. Part Three: She described her healing process.

Lisa finished her book in 2011 and walked away from it because of fear. She published the book in 2021 and added Part Four, which is titled Ten Years Later. Lisa's courage has allowed her to now stand strong in her truth.

Today, Lisa is thriving and living her best life. She is a mom, activist, womanist, ally, advocate and love speaking on topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion and culture. She resides in Southern California where she is a vice president for Human Resources at a college.

Lisa's purpose now is to tell her story and help others. She is the founder and CEO of JustDigIn2It LLC, created to provide life coach services to people who have a similar journey as hers, or just need help digging in to do the work necessary to dig out of their circumstances.

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