Wednesday, June 3, 2020

See The Insightful Solutions To Police Brutality Suggested By Highly Regarded Writer Tolson Banner

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George Floyd Picture Right and I Can't Breathe Sign Source Wikipedia

By Op-ed Contributor Tolson Banner

George Floyd was murdered at the hands of the police.  Floyd’s murder flips the switch on the floodlights that now illuminate all of the other murders of unarmed black people at the hands of the police who have sworn to protect and serve.

It is the police who represent  one of the first lines of government  that blacks encounter and that encounter have been brutal and deadly.  What we witness over and over again is police carrying out  policies and laws instituted by politicians on the local, state and federal levels allowing police to operate with impunity.
What the murder of George Floyd has done was to put America on notice about her historical treatment of blacks since the beginning of the Atlantic enslavement trade.  For those who think blacks are only seeking justice for George Floyd miss the entire picture.  America via slave trackers, vigilante groups, KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, lynchings, housing discrimination, redlining and gentrification keeps the historical knee on the neck of all black people.

Video & Op-Ed Article By Tolson Banner On The George Floyd Commission Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Video & Op-Ed Article by Tolson Banner On The George Floyd Commission Continues Below...

When black people seek to remove the knee from their neck it becomes a problem.  If black people break the leg of the knee on their neck – they are charged with breaking the leg.  And this is what we are seeing across America from mayors, civic leaders, Congressmembers, Senators and others who denounce the rebellions sweeping across America.

The establishment now has marshalled resources to quell the violence.  But where were these resources when the violence was constantly, incessantly perpetrated upon black people?

How come none of these government officials raise their voices as loud and as vociferous when black people kept yelling, we can’t breathe?  Only now these resources become available when black people decide to remove the vicious historical knee by breaking the leg. Black people are like a carbonated drink.  If you shake it up enough it will explode and surely you cannot control the direction of the explosion.

I want the media to stop asking black people now that the vicious Minneapolis police officer has been charged-will that be enough?  This is only the beginning of the discussions.  America needs a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to examine, peruse, peel back the layers of her systemic racist attitudes inherent throughout every fabric of her society and outline a path forward for REPARATIONS!
I want black politicians to stop justifying the lack of action by the Obama years in the White House by telling us the Republicans would not allow Obama to do anything but they never bring up the fact when Obama first came into office, Democrats controlled the Executive, House and Senate.  I want black preachers to stop telling us to pray when prayer without action is nothing.   I want the media stop interviewing black professors who teach at white institutions like Princeton, Harvard, and Georgetown when there are many other black professors at historical black colleges and universities and grass root organizers who are much closer to the pain and anger of black people.

Terrence Floyd, George Floyd's brother visits the location where his brother was killed, June 1 Picture Credit: Lorie Shaull 
I want black Hollywood stars and celebs to join the front lines and stop worrying about their brands.  Come July 7th 2020 black people are calling for a BLACKOUT where we will not spend one dime in this economy in response to the killing of unarmed black people at the hands of the police. Your lack of solidarity will force us to put your brand on notice.

I want white people who march with black people and wear Black Lives matter t-shirts to organize a whites only march and march on your mayor, state capitol and federal government demanding they stop using your tax dollars in the killing of unarmed black people.  I need white people to do that NOW!

I want black politicians to stop selling black people out and throwing our support behind white politicians who deliver nothing in return.  It was the Democrats who gave us welfare reform, the prison-industrial complex and three strikes you’re out which have decimated the black community to this day! (Article continues After picture below)...

I want Republicans to stop waging wars on black people like the war on drugs and acknowledge our pain as a crisis like they have done for white people on opioids.  At this moment,  blacks must demand from Joe Biden a restructuring of this society from universal health care, student loan debt dismissal, real police reform, especially the way grand juries are convened and used to get police off the hook for killing unarmed black people.

The murder of George Floyd has brought all of this to the forefront.  Colin Kaepernick took a knee to bring this to the attention of America but it fell on deaf ears because America suffers from cognitive dissonance.

For his Rosa Park like stance, Kaepernick  was banned from the NFL.  That’s why to this day I have banned myself from watching.  I want to hear from those who called NFL players SOB’s for taking a knee now.

I would like to hear from those who said we got to move beyond kneeling.   In the end it was a knee pressed against George Floyd’s neck that took his life.  As Malcolm X reminded us, “That’s not a chip on my shoulder.  That's your foot on my neck.”

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